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Jul 29

Just a thought

By Richard Ackerman Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge, BrandonRoy, Blazers, contracts

So as everyone knows, Brandon and LaMarcus have yet to get their extensions completed. There are many reasons for this (the economy, the cap, etc.). Well this is something that I am actually finishing my degree to get into. The following is a letter I sent out to the Blazer front office. Not sure if it will work or even help (not sure if it's allowed per the CBA), but with all the negative publicity this has been getting, it would be best for the Blazers to get this done asap.

To whom it may concern, there have been numerous media reports that Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge are not happy with how their contract extensions are going (David Aldrige reported you offered LaMarcus 4 years $40 million, which is the same money per year Andrea Bargnani got, but Barnani got 5 years). With the current economic climate it is no wonder that the Blazer front office and Vulcan are not wanting to commit too much to a player when you don't know what the future cap numbers will be. I think I have a solution to that.

I do not know if it is legal per the rules of the CBA, but what about instead of offering Roy or LaMarcus hard numbers, give them a percentage of the salary cap. For example, instead of guaranteeing Brandon 5 years @ x dollars a year, what about signing Brandon for 5 years @ 18% of the max salary cap. Like I said I do not know if this is allowed per the CBA, but this could be a way that the Blazers could lock up their guys for a while, at the same time making sure to not over-extend themselves into the luxury tax, and it's fair for all sides.

Once again, I do not know if this is allowed per the CBA (or if the agents would go for it. They'd probably be the hardest ones to convince), but maybe offering players a percentage of the cap rather than a specific dollar amount would be more amicable to all sides. Just an idea. I just thought that with all the negative publicity that these contract extensions were garnering, that this may be a possible solution.

Good luck, God bless, and Go Blazers!


  1. For 1 thing this is the NBA, I feel athletes make way too much money something needs to be done to restrict and reverse the trend of all players getting huge salaries. After all how much money does a person deserve just for being 7 ft tall.

    by mbmurr1 on 1/26/2011 3:28 PM
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