Feb 07

Remember the Giants

By iggymo
Now is a particularly good time to remember the Giants. Winners of their second improbable Super Bowl, the Giants suffered through a very tough season. Like the Blazers, they barely keeping their collective noses above water. Yet when the time came to play the really tough games, they were able to draw on the experience of playing tough throughout the season, even when they lost some close games. With this experience, they "ambushed" not one, but 6 good teams to ultimately win it all. Just a fluke? I don't think so. I think there's much to be learned here. If you play hard every game, even if the result is a close loss, you learn to play even harder when it counts. My hope is that this Blazer team will understand two things: the value of giving all you have to give, and the knowledge that the playoffs are, truly, a new season. The Blazers have competed with every tough team in the league except the Heat, and their "coulda won" number is right up there. So, with a little more effort and a couple more good breaks, we could be watching our own championship team THIS year.
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