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Feb 07


By dljensen
What an exciting game last night!!  It was a nail biter down to the wire.  My voice has escaped me and my scratchy throat hurts but, oh my, what fun.  I am sorry to say I think we got robbed with some horrible calls and the Blazers lost some momentum because of them.  IF we had gotten the block instead of the goal tend call then the team might have come back and not felt the pressure so much and scored more easily.  Instead we rushed the basket, overturned balls, and ended up not making the easy shots that we had made all night.  It was a really exciting game and I am only sorry it was a loss for us.  I feel bad for the team who played a heck of a game and LA with another awesome scoring night with 39 points!! WOW!!  He is an all star in my book every day and night.  See you Wednesday!! GO BLAZERS!!
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  1. We robed ourselves when we drafted that bum Oden. Get rid of Sam Booey and we might have a chance...... Its time to get the loser off of what could otherwise be a winning team.

    by macmeeze on 2/7/2012 9:18 AM
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