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Jan 31

The First 20

By dljensen
What I can say about the first 20 games is that this team is a team to be reckoned with most of the time.  I was so very excited at the beginning and was so impressed with this team and then we went on the road! Ouch! We are really struggling for some reason and we have to figure it out soon.  I am nervous every time I watch or listen to a road game because even when we start out really strong it has come to the 4th quarter and something happens and we lose it.  These guys are so likeable and nice to each other that I think they need to shake things up a bit and get mad and then get even and start winning on the road.  I also realize that the NW is the strongest division in the league. When you look at everyone elses records the NW has the most wins and  is so much more competitive for us.  I know that all the teams are struggling with this unbelievable schedule and will have down days, but I know we have the fight and the spirit to get more wins on the road than we already do.  I'm looking forward to see what happens after the All Star break and hopefully we will start getting more road wins as well as keep our home winning record.  No matter what, I am a true Blazer fan and will never get off the band wagon and will cheer them on as long as I am able.  GO BLAZERS!! Love this team!!
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  1. hey DJ, i think we've seen a team which can win on any given night, or lose on any given night (apparently location factors heavily into that!). our division is the most competitive in the nba, and we're now 3-1 against division opponents, with an opportunity to get the fourth win tonight. I agree, we definitely need to shake things up away from the Rose Garden.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 2/6/2012 3:28 PM
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