Jan 29

My Blazer Memories: Dave Twardzik

By blazerdarren77

The Pinball Wizard

  I was always a Dave Twardzik fan. To me, he was the straw that stirred the drink of the championship team in '77. He was known for his tenacity on defense and his fearlessness to penetrate on offense. He was greatly admired by Coach Ramsey, who called Dave his dream player. "He didn't have the skills that would jump out at you, until you saw him play in a game," said Ramsey. "Then, whatever you needed, he gave it to you."

He would drive to the basket, draw the defender, and dish it to the open player for the easy bucket. But he had the ability score as well. He shot .552 from the field, which is VERY impressive for a guard. In fact, his 61.2% during the championship season is still a Blazer record. Because of his penetration, he would bounce off the defenders, which The Schonz gave him the nickname 'Pinball'. He was, indeed, a Blazer the fans loved. 

  But I also remember Dave working with the Schonz on the radio. The dialogue between them was always fun to listen to. If you love hearing Wheels and Tone today, you would definitely have loved to hear Schonz and Pinball calling the game. They would even do commercials together on radio and you knew they had a good time together.

  If you loved players that hustled like Crash and Jerome, then you would have been more than thrilled to see 'the Pinball' in action. I sure was glad I got to see him play (on TV, didn't get to go to a game at the MC) I liked him so much that he was the first Blazer I pretended to be when I would play b-ball with my friends. Thanks for making me a fan, Pinball.


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