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Jan 28

Player Palooza Fun!!

By dljensen
My daughter and I just got home from an awesome time at the RG with the Player Palooza!! ALL the team was there and so very friendly to everyone.  Patience signing shirts, b-balls, whatever we asked them to sign and picture taking galore.  We want to say thank you to the Blazer organization and the team for taking time out of their day off for the fans. They are so nice and so much fun and lots of laughs.  Loved seeing Craig Smith making shaved ice for the kids (second Job?) and Elliott decorating cookies, Jamal playing pool, GW playing ping pong and Marcus in the Middle playing games as well. It was so nice to see them interacting and laughing with the fans and each other.  Love them even more!!
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  1. hope you posted pics! glad you had fun!

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/29/2012 12:41 AM
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