Jan 27

Some Real Fun

By iggymo
It's taken a few weeks, but I've finally discovered the best way for a Blazers fan to enjoy the 2012 NBA season. Ready? Just watch every game played between the Lakers and the Clippers. Talk about a win-win. I just love watching them beat each other all over the court, knowing that our guys have beaten them both already. As far as enjoying the Blazers is concerned, we all have to realize something here: Nate is in the middle of a 3-D Chess game, trying to decide which pieces work as they're supposed to, and once that's decided, the opponent's pieces begin to work differently. No matter what he does, somebody complains and somebody says "I told you so" and somebody turns off the tube and goes to bed. Just imagine how many possibilities he faces every game, not just for his team but also for the enemy. He only makes perfect choices when his guys do what he expects them to do. But how often has that happened this year? Maybe 3 or 4. And when his guys do what he expects, as often as not the enemy produces an unknown guy who shoots out the lights. I've decided that all we can realistically hope for is our guys doing their best and behaving as Nate expects. When that happens, we can't complain about losses. We're just outplayed. It's when that does not happen and we lose that we all feel let down by our team. So let's hope for a great effort each game, knowing that sooner or later Nate will come up with the right combination. And he'll be a lot cooler while doing so than we will.
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