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Jan 26

Arm chair Vs. Doing

By L.T.G
 Think you can run the Blazers to a title? Or would you crash the team into the ground? I would say the latter. That goes for the fans and the beat writers who think they understand what it takes to have a winning team. I loved how Nate (in a recent interview with Jason Quick following the Warriors loss) had him(Quick) fumbling for words when Nate had him suggest a remedy for recent back court play. Nate was correct of course when he said it is not about singling out people, rather a untied effort of the team. Recently Jamal Crawford had this to say to the would be coaches of the world. "they think it's so easy to do what they have never done!" "Ray is a pro, and we will get through this together and be ok" That is not an exact quote so forgive me.

As a coach and player myself, I can assure you that Coach and Jamal speak the truth. You never, NEVER, single out individuals in team sports. You come together as a team. To point your finger at Ray, Jamal, or Coach signals your complete misunderstanding of team. This unit will be fine, they are well coached and every one is a pro. Try supporting rather then being a critic. Unless of course you think you can do better, if so, step up. Go Blazers.
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