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Jan 21

3 Games Ahead? Why Not!

By Taren

Hey Blazer People!!!
After a long road trip away, we will finally be back in the Rose Garden Monday night against Sacramento... It's about time! We have some FABULOUS routines for you this week and we can't wait to pump up Rip City.

When looking at my day planner at the week ahead, it would be normal to be overwhelmed by 3 games in one week, but then I remember I have the best job in the world. Yes, back to backs are exhausting, but I am thankful to be working and even more thankful that I love what I do. Dancing and performing brings me so much joy, but you know what makes performing ever better???When you have a great crowd to perform for!!!

Yes, Blazer Fans I am talking about you! Our arena is so powerful and energized that it makes it extremely fun to be apart of. When I watch the team play away games on Comcast Sports Net, I can't help but notice how empty some of the other arenas are. It just makes me remember how great our Blazer community is and I feel blessed to be apart of it. Like I said, I love my job, but you, the fans make it so much better!

And how about those Blazers? L.A. once again was tearing it up last night in its showdown against Toronto, bringing the Blazers to victory. Our team is rockin' this year and this next week I look forward to seeing them in action.

Who's ready for a crazy but exciting week ahead? I AM! So lets put our best Blazer gear on and cheers to a solid week ahead.  GO BLAZERS!

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