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Jan 19

Things ive noticed...

By jamie (guy)
things ive noticed while watching the game, jamal shot sellection. while i would never want to tweak jamal shot or his style ive noticed things, when he pops in the game he supposed to spark the bench so what does he do, goes iso dribbles for around 5 secs makes his move and what happens bricks... now if he makes it he'll go 2 fro 6 mayeb 2 for 8. now he finds himself in a shooting slump. if he misses he'll shoot one more for good messure miss pass 2 times then go for three more misses, maybe hit one. and be 1-5 shooting in the first half. well how does he get hot then you ask, ive noticed big time watching highlights and the game i keep noticing the same thing, raymond will cross court pass to jamal for a wide open three not in the corner (or LA post kick out works too) but more of the elbow three point line and he's 8 for 10 will knock that down, then defense notice him he hto dont let jamal go on fire then jamal will come down iso dribble take a jumper miss btu get fouled. then iso three pointer. then iso dribble pass to his favorite guy on the team LA for a dunk or layup. nto jamal hot the team is spread and the defense is spread to allow LA breathing room, all becuz of shot selection.

shot selection is the biggest key to the guards game ive noticed, take wesley you can tell how his game is gona go the first shot he takes. he always takes a three if he makes it feed wesley he will go 3-4 4-5 easy, if he misses double LA wesley is cold. or wesley is gona drive put up an ugly shot and miss and then wesley will pass every shot or miss after miss, and this will go on til half time, then he will adjust, and 2nd half it starts all over again
raymond raymond raymond, it hurts seeing ray slump when dre hits 28 ponts almsot a triple double and helsp his team win, while i still woudl do the trade i think ray best ball is driving drop pass to LA, tho while ray has great passes i think he needs to learn his personnel some times, gerald knows where ray will pass it btu LA dont and camby and LA cant grab the passes leaving it in a turn over, the best passer to LA has been camby and jamal, high passes leaving LA to go up with it. while ray has a great idea some times he needs to pass up top giving it easy for the big men while his drop passes are more suited for the gaurds and small forwards

gerlad wallace i dont hate on his game at all you knwo what hes gona do btu oen complaint make your dang free throws and i would love to tweak wallaces free throw style, its flat barely get sover the rim, work on it and he will be great all year top shot blocked in the game who cares he gets the ball and will put it right back up

craig smith get him mins man let him post once and a while between craig posting and kurt knock down jumper they are the two most consistent players on the blazers

bench get the bench in ealry and i mean by that use one young guy for 5 easy mins in the 2nd quarter allwoing starters and by starters i mean wallace and LA some rest. they need thsoe resting mins to push the mins in the fourth, rest them early and get them late. 40 mins is the max I'd use them for, only excuse is overtime

thigns ive notice while watching.. P.S rebound the ball, GO RIP CITY


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