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Devon Malone

Jan 18

Rip City, Let's Crossover, Step Back...

By Devon Malone
After tonight's loss to Atlanta I'm here to say..."Let's trade Felton!" and "I want Dre back!" are not 'ban wagons' or 'camps' I am apart of. After 14 games we are exactly where we were last year...8-6...What does that mean? Let's look it over...

This year we've had 7 home games (6-1) and 7 away (2-5). All of these games have come in 24 days and our only loss at home was to Orlando coming off of a Back to Back.

Inside the numbers? Our guards (Felton, Mathews, and Crawford) have come under the magnified firing squad from fans and journalists alike.  Due to "Brick City" shot selection from the field. Gerald Wallace, though a "Predator" at home, is more of a pest on the road and Camby sprained his ankle. What about LMA? He's staying consistent (though having some 4th quarter hold ups) and stepping firmly and quickly into what it means to be a leader. As his teammates struggle, he calls "Player only" meetings so they can get out of their heads.

All of this you already know...You also might remeber this...

Last year we had 6 home games (4-2) and 8 away (4-4). This was in just 25 days but we lost to OKC twice (one home the other away), New Orleans, and the Lakers.

We had a full month of Training camp, 7 preseason games (instead of 2) and after that loss in L.A. we now know that Ron Artest's "That wasn't Brandon Roy" statement became the beginning of his fade into retirement...

What's the difference? Last year we had to search for our "Identity". Thankfully LMA stepped up, in a blue collar way, put us on his shoulders and carried us into the Playoffs. We had 5 new players and only Mathews emerged as some one Nate would trust on the court immediately. Mostly we had the same group on the court as the year before.

Growing pains is what we're experiencing.  Having the biggest change be where the ball is handled the most. "The Point" is the fulcrum of your offense, and this year 3 of our 5 new guys are seeing the majority of the playing time, (yes I'm counting Wallace as new). Finally, can you really believe that the bricks won't start making that "Rip" sound we all know? Felton is shooting 17% from 3 point land (he's averaged around 33%), Mathews is about at his average in his young career (39%), and Crawford is about 6% below his average.

I think that after 5 years of having Brandon at the SG position we're baffled at why our guards are struggling so hard. However, in this short season we beat OKC on there own court, maintained our position against both L.A. teams and are showing more 2nd half determination in every game then I've seen in this team over the last 4 years...

Coaches always say "Visualize the ball going in".  I say close your eye's and listen for the sound that inspired "The Shonz" to give us our proudest nickname...It's coming.


  1. Great first blog! I'm right there with you in the shooting department. It will click for the guards, and when it does we'll be in pretty good shape.

    by sarahhecht on 1/19/2012 10:37 AM
  2. Nice one Devon. Im with you on this synopsis

    by Tattoo You on 1/19/2012 2:32 PM
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