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Jan 16

A Solid Foundation

By Veronica Posted in: blazerdancers, veronica
 A solid foundation withstands the true tests of time. Throughout history change is brought about by the choices of few that went against the norm. These men and women were trailblazers in their communities bringing about changes they wanted to see in the world around them. Looking at the the definition of a trailblazer they are considered an innovative leader in a particular field, a pioneer. They are individuals that blazed a path for generations to follow and went where few, if any, have gone before.This MLK Day take a moment to remember those that laid a solid foundation for you to live out your dreams and to reach for new heights both personally and in your communities. You too can bring about change in the lives of others. Take time to invest in your local community and make it better. Donate your time, your skills and training, mentor a young person or sit with the elderly and sick. Be a light that shines in the dark areas of our great nation and reach beyond the barriers that say we can't succeed. Courage, perseverance, a humble heart, a willingness to serve and the strength to stand in the face of adversity are qualities that live in each of us. Be bold and build on the legacy that leaders like Martin Luther King have left for us. 

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