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Jan 15

Can you hear me from last row...

By jamie (guy)
i started out goign to a tweet up where i meet the tbtv crew, casey hooked me up with free tix. I said idc if i even get last row just would love to get in the game. walkign up to my seat doing the alphabet song in my head only to find out my ticket was last row, a guy and his buddy form the tweet up sat next to me, didnt exchange names he wasnt a fan form the shows but we talked most of the game  about the game. its funny hwo from last row with 18,000+ people in the arena, the intensity you feel to yell when your down 23 points and on your feet when they hit a three pointer waiting for a surging come back, praying to cut it to 10 points only to see it with in ten and bounce back and forth... everyone rising to there feet cheering clapping yellign de..fense, the crowd disrupting the magic in what looks liek a huge come back win only to fall short, i didnt bounce out at the 1:43 mark but noticed thru out the game patty mills was in the stands, and couldnt help but want to run down to get his autograph i ran down the satirs at this point the game looked like it was magics win with a 7 point lead, i ran out only to see a huge three pointer made. the usher didnt seem to care that i was standing there till a crowd emerged then they todl us to leave, watchign from a bgi screen tv by a food stand a crowd stood watching as the lead came down to 2.. eventually the magic won of free throws.. what a game even tho a lose i felt excited the crowd was electrifying and i woudlnt have got that at home, i would have been bored mad disgruntaled and gave up... the differnece between being in the stands and just a fan

brings me to the road already playing two games away coming home to a free coupon fo a chalupa getting ot meet miek and mike and patty mills, flashing a dumb sign on sportlandia meeting the tbtv crew and adam. i found myself nto only the team broken streak at home but broken streak of wins when i go to the rose garden maybe gettign up form my seat broek the streak but it was a one itme experince to meet patty mills and mike and miek so i foudn myself sayign it was worth it.

now on to the road already two missed games falling short in both and also the magic game wondering do we have a closer, jamal is the weapon but hasnt found his nitch in the final mins batum foudn a huge game only to find himself passed over in shots down the stretch, (LA had a wide open jumper but a hot hand me batum at the three point line looked very tempting) yet blazers have more questions then answers on the road no crowd to cheer then on and reassure them they have the power to beat any team, they look on to broken plays bad shot sollutions and poor defense rotation, yet im not too worried becuz this team is finally getting the battles they need to grow adn find out what there really made of, felton and jamal both points trying to find how ot use the other players and a bench unsure where the leader is, lucky somehow nate found what ive been saying all along in mix and match your bench and starters. now if i can a mesage to nate it would be get batum mins at the end of games and trust him and i hope he trust himself, besides jamal; LA short range; i find batum the key guy to finsih ball games as he has the length range and maybe the arsenal to win games, the defenses give him smaller guys as defenders and he should take the oppertunity to burn themnto only with his length but speed...

next road games are lesser opponents but not guys you can take lightly, hornets have a strong half court as well as can run, as well for big ben downlow is kamen, who will contend with LA and while LA will get his points i find him gettign tired legs so hes gona need the bench and the guards to find him with jumpers pick and pop alley oops and more but as well find there own shots and nto put soo much presure on the back of such a guy through out the season

detroit while one of the weakest teams to face, still have a team and can win ball games and if push comes to shove if the balzers dont coem out with the foot on there necks can surprise you and pull out a victory if the blazers dont execute

toronto i see a early run get points but balzers as long as they stay in it maek the right adjustments will win again just execute and attack

hawks ouch while i find them a team broken with the loses of players still one of those teams in which can hurt us flashy and moementum changers, they have the fire power with the lack of a real allstar the make up with gritty ball busting players who if oyu let them will dominate if you dont push it and stick it to them

all in all im nto in panic mode im just found with a lot fo questions and wondering when nate and the team are goan give us the answer and put up some good wins and blow outs and show us why annoucers and analyst have put them as the surprise team in the west...


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