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Jul 20

Lamar Odom Belongs in Portland

By blazedupblazer Posted in: Lakers
    Portland yet has a small forward to start. I don't think you want Travis Outlaw starting here. Lamar Odom is my favorite option. He can play small or power forward and the salary he wants fits the Trailblazers. If Portland signs Odom, they got Outlaw to back him up at small forward, and Odom backs up Aldridge at power forward. It requires less salary room out of the Blazers also.


  1. As long as Outlaw is okay with that I'm okay with it! Travis is a very important player for the team. But as you say Odom would be a great back up for Aldrigde.

    by kapteinn berg on 7/20/2009 11:12 AM
  2. No thanks to Lamar Odom. Has Portland ever traded or signed someone from the Lakers? As far as i can remember we haven't ... and for good reason. Screw the Lakers and their players. I would boo Odom everytime he touched the ball. Martell (when healthy) could start for nearly every NBA team. Not to mention Batum is only getting better. Lamar is whack

    by ZersFan on 7/20/2009 11:27 AM
  3. First of all, yes I think they have dealt with the Lakers before sending Micheal Thompson to LA. Second, NO THANK YOU! Why is everyone down on Martel and BATUM for that matter. TRAVIS will no be playing the 3 very often for Portland this year. If anything he will be back up PF. Odom has talent, BUT HE NEVER USES IT! He is LAZY and cruises until it's time to make a new contract. MILES did the same thing and noone picked up on it. Seriously, stop asking for Odom. Stop pushing it, it's a BAD IDEA. Martel will be motivated and terriffic, Batum will be a great backup SF. Stop listening to the National Media, they have 29 teams to follow. Listen to the local guys, they actually know the situation. Finally, this is to short to be a blog, please put this garbage in the message boards.

    by RipCityRevival on 7/20/2009 12:10 PM
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