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Jul 18

'09 Draft Picks

By squadoosh
Cunninghman and Pendergraff are just what we needed, they bring toughness and energy. They back down from NOBODY. Pendergraff impressed me with how he defended Dorsey, was active defensively and took charges. Cunningham is active defensively, smooth out to 15 feet and moves well without the ball.

These picks might have left alot of Blazer fans saying "WHO?"

Now, those same fans are in unison chanting "Right on!"

Cunningham will be able to play either 3 or 4 (quicker, mobile, passer); Pendergraff will be a solid 4 and develop into a capable back up 5.

Unfortunately, Mills broke his foot or we would have undoubtedly observed a quick, explosive, confident player in the summer league.

Claver............time will tell, everything that is said about this kid is he is the next european star to make the leap to the NBA, given another year or two.

I would rate our draft picks an "A" to date, jury still out on their ability to develop and perform in the league.
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