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Jan 06

What A Long, Strange, Fulfilling Night It Was

By AdamBjaranson
I must admit, nationally televised games are incredible--especially when the Blazers are firing on all cylinders. As usual, the crowd was second to none. The announcers were glowing about how great Portland has looked.  

Even Charles Barkley, who has always had some level of criticism towards the Blazers, was heard on TNT’s broadcast saying, “That Portland Trail Blazer team is the best team I’ve seen in the West this year.” But Blazer fans weren’t necessarily enamored with TNT’s coverage. Unfortunately, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles .  

You see, the Miami-Atlanta game (without LeBron and D-Wade suiting up) went to 3 overtimes…so west coast viewers got stuck until THAT game went final.   In other words, Blazer fans got to see one half of basketball. Here’s the good part, they saw the half that mattered most.  

Without question, it was the Blazers most complete game yet. Weren’t we fooled when we thought that we’d be seeing bad basketball for a few weeks in this post-lockout?? Seriously Blazers?? Turns out it was one of the best performances I’ve seen from this team in the 10+ years I’ve covered this team.  

The stat that stood out most was the 4 turnovers for the game. By the way, the franchise record for fewest in a game is 3. Yes, Portland was that good. They played their game.

Gerald Wallace was oozing with confidence and had his foot on the accelerator all night long. Finished with a game-high 31 vs. LA. Keep in mind, the Lakers were true on 13 of their first 15 shots Thursday. And, I may start buying that Andrew Bynum is the real deal. Pretty amazing how effective he has been without that triangle offense, right? Bynum was able to score at will, hitting his first 8 shots of game. L-A shot 61% in the first half, yet the Blazers were down only 4. It’s almost like they knew when TNT picked up coverage of their game.

Portland kept with what was working for them. Quick outlet passes, smart execution, and tons of energy from everyone on the floor. All of it paid huge dividends for the Blazers, as they outworked Kobe & Co., 107-96. Oh, and for those scoring at home, Kobe is now 6-24 all-time in the regular season at the Rose Garden. Love, love, love it!!!  

A couple of other items that I took from this win: For the first time since November of 2003, the Lakers failed to make a 3-pointer. They were 0-11 vs. the Blazers. Great help defense by Nate’s crew. Also, it was the second straight game where the Blazers allowed a grand total of 40 points in the second half (happened Tuesday against OKC too).
Six down folks, 60 to go! But so far, sooooo good!! Bring on the Suns!


  1. welcome to blogging, Adam, though i think that pic was taken when you were younger than me!

    it was upsetting to say the least that TNT couldn't give is the first half (though i know it's the second that matters). not to pile on too much (hard to predict a game going into triple overtime), but how about starting the first game at 7:30 eastern istead of 8? does that not make more sense? The first game, and Barkley's usual longwindedness, usually already postpones tipooff of the game by a few minutes later anyway. and hey, espn kicks you over to espn2 for some sporting events. i'm sure tnt's sister station, tbs, could have interrupted it's Seinfeld repeats to show us our game!

    hmm ... got off track a bit there! what you said about the more important half rings true. the guys (by committee) did a good enough job of slowing down Bynum in the second half, the lakers were forced to go to other weapons. result? not all that great.

    what i take away from this game most (other then the fact Ha Sun-Jin still hasn't been signed!), is that we've put two strong games together against the better competition in the west. i'm glad Nate is keeping the guys humble. avoiding a letdown tonight against the suns would be something special.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 1/6/2012 3:10 PM
  2. You must learn to appreciate my Senior pic from 1988 Kassandra :) Acid washed jacket with B.U.M Equipment shirt and gold chain was priceless. Good luck on your continued efforts to bring Ha back too. Yes, avoid the letdown tonight. Would love to see this team come back home on a positive note. See you soon.

    by AdamBjaranson on 1/6/2012 3:30 PM
  3. one thing i said last ngiht in the chats was it seemed liek blazers played to the fans in the rose gardesn since we had to wait for tnt to show us and they played well, but once the firey passion erupted the city and tnt finally got to us it was like the whole city energy was fueling the blazers, (funny how im watching a show on youtube a childhood favorite in dbz but the clash of two strong ppl and it too earths power to finish off the the evil, and i feel like last night was the same it took a rip city uprise) and lol like the lil jim carry line cookie crumble and its funny looking at your 19 year old pick only to see the first one to comment was kassandra and her old lil girl crush if only you two were born same time lol put those two pics together lol and yes i know kass will prolly kill me for sayign that but oh well lol good blog il subscribe to view yours blogs and how did oyu not finsih your blog with...BOOM

    by jamie (guy) on 1/6/2012 4:12 PM
  4. I would like to take a moment to say you're welcome... for the EPIC picture I added to Adam's profile.

    Also, great blog Adam!! Can't wait to get more :)

    by sarahhecht on 1/6/2012 4:27 PM
  5. Welcome to the blogger family Adam. At least when you blog, you don't have to write any...ummm....word whiskers :)

    by blazerdarren77 on 1/6/2012 11:13 PM
  6. ooh, thanks for chiming in on that, Darren!

    by Kassandra on 1/10/2012 11:19 AM
  7. Ha...nice one Kass. Notice the lack of 'chiming' this season??? May sprinkle it in from time to time. BTW, it's so funny to see my pic here. Thx Hecht!

    by AdamBjaranson on 1/10/2012 11:31 AM
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