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Jan 03

They have what it takes.

By Rachael Jensen
This Blazer season is going to be fast and furious. A lot of games squeezed into a very short amount of time. Not much room for error. On Sunday I was reminded that while this season is still just getting started and there is undoubtedly room to improve that this team has a lot of weapons.

This isn't just about being a physically great team but I think it comes down to mental toughness and grit. You have to come out swinging and not go down without a fight. We need to have an attitude and presence on the floor. One might argue that all of these were lacking on Sunday.

Tonight on the other hand... Batum was not going to be beat and was going to make you pay for your mistakes. Wes and Felton took care of the ball and looked like they were finding their rhythm. Jamal continues to impress me. He is almost perfect from the free throw line. Gerald was not about to have two scoreless games in a row. LaMarcus is not going to be pushed around. Kurt Thomas may be old but he will not yield to the younger players, you have to earn your stripes. All the guys came out tonight ready to take care of business.

Don't underestimate this team. They have fight. They have heart. They are a threat. They have something to prove. They have what it takes. I for one cannot wait to see them sile
nce the critics.
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