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Jan 02

I bet it all on the Blazers...

By Rachael Jensen
So I have a friend... He is a Clippers follower. More over he is Blake Griffin fan.  I on the other hand am not and probably never will be. I am a BLAZER fan. He offered his condolences after Roy retired. I offered congratulations when CP3 was traded. 
So you can imagine that after a 3-0 start by the Blazers, a few losses by the Clips, and a game against them on New Years Day I may have been a little cocky.... okay A LOT cocky. 
He boasted about Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and of course CP3. I boasted Jamal Crawford and Gerald Wallace. I talked up LaMarcus. And how "Lob City" had nothing on Rip City....... So the stakes were set winner has to buy the other a new T-Shirt. "Ugg!! Im going to have to buy a Griffin Tee if we loose" is what I was thinking but agreed to the bet anyway.

Well boy did I eat crow. I knew that it would be hard to come back after a quarter of down right UGLY play, but we were not out of it. During & After the second half I was in my kitchen nervously cleaning every nook and cranny. I spent the third quarter pacing about my living room and almost conceding the bet via text! But then in the fourth Jamal, like Roy in the Dallas game, seemed to put us on his shoulder and with the help of Batum get us back in it. A text came... my friend was worried.... all it said was "Uhhh Oooo". Then came "Your guys have Fight".

Unfortunately our fight came to late. Hopefully a lesson learned. OKC is tomorrow. No friends there. 3-1 is not a bad starting record. Just was hoping it was 4-0. I'll be watching again from home tomorrow night. Hoping to see a more inspiring game like the ones I have come to expect from the Blazers. Oh and as a side note I don't have to buy a Griffin tee (thank the Lord) only a DeAndre Jordan tee. I can handle that.


  1. Great Blog, Rachael, I am in agreement with you for tonight's game. We need to bring it all 4 quarters and not keep us fans on the edge of jumping off a cliff!! I am sorry you have to buy Jonathon a T, maybe you can get one later or next year, when we play them again!! Hang in there, our team is special and I know you know that, too!! See you Thursday at the LAL game!! GO BLAZERS, BEAT OKC!!!

    by dljensen on 1/3/2012 3:45 PM
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