Jan 02

Real 6th Man

By iggymo
I hate excuses. They are the pathetic robe of losers, the crutch of the mentally lame, and the smoke screen for the inept. For that reason, you will not hear them from Nate and the Blazers. Instead, excuses are the territory of less competent and self-controlled individuals. Like ME. Last night I watched the team play its most confused, dumbfounded, and frustrating game of the year. For three quarters. Then they came alive, made an astounding comeback, and were on the brink of stealing an NBA game. That's when the game was taken over by one of the great late-game artists in the NBA, a man who has literally stolen game after game after game from unprepared teams. A man who has done this in the bright light of day with video replay available to confirm his talent. Of course I'm talking about the "Real 6th Man" - the referee. His name doesn't matter; it's subject to change. But his talent is clear. He can allow a timeout call by a player whose hand is resting out of bounds. He can watch a ball ricochet out of bounds off an opposing player's hand and still give him the ball. And he can do all of this in the last two minutes of a crucial game. In summary, he can completely control the outcome of a game in a way that Chris Paul can only dream about. Add his remarkable talent to the long list of Blazer shots that rolled around the rim and off (I counted about ten of those) and you have the formula for the first loss of the season. I can forgive the shots that miss (some days you get the bar, and some days the bar gets you). But I cannot and will never be able to forgive that sneaky and unforgivable Real 6th Man. Last night he was the one who sealed our doom.
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