Dec 30

Impressed With Nic

By iggymo
While all the talk has justifiably been about Gerald, our other 3-man has shown me an awful lot of class this season. He prepared harder than anyone else to be ready for the season. He developed his game in many areas, from dribbling to attacking to defending. Most of all, this "mild mannered reporter" developed the attitude of Superman. My best moment in last night's game with Denver was Nic literally ripping the ball away from Andre Miller, nearly ripping off Dre's head in the process. Unless I'm mistaken, Miller's expression was more surprise than anger. Was this the Nic he knew? Next most impressive were Nic's 4 huge come-from-behind blocks at a time when the game was very much on the line. And even with all this amazing play, Nic has had to accept his role as a 6th or 7th man off the bench. Sometimes he's a 3, sometimes a 2, sometimes a 4. He really IS our Superman. One reporter today had Nic discouraged and disappointed about his playing time. Another gave him superb grades for last night's effort. Just like everything else in this whirlwind (and short) season, Nic's situation is going to change as Nate gets a better handle on who can do what with whom, and when. As long as he can keep his mature attitude and new intensity, Nic will be a Blazer all-star for a long time to come. Way to go, Nic. You are an impressive young man.
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