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Dec 28

im so bored ill take someones advice and write

By jamie (guy)
i have many questions i was goign ot wait to ask rice on chalk talk about

first thought:
i feel either LA or gwall needs to be on the court at all times, unlaoding the bench to a 5 which i was aboard on since they should have chemistry in practice i think is bad and rather see line ups like jamal batum gwall craig and kurt, gwall stays in rest LA then bring back in LA and nolan gwall goes out batum goes three keep kurt take out craig. why this line up of bigs jamal needs a go to guy so that he feels he needs to pass, batum can run off screens comign with kurt and craig, gwall can slah you have the three poitn threats and a gritty defense line. nolan playing with LA means he hasa pass first and his three point shot isnt scouted yet.

thogth on denver and how to figure to guard andre comign off the bench
well do you put jamal on him running the risk of foul trouble when he post, do you put nolan on him a rookie which everyone knows means dre will do every lil vet trick in the book to get himself to the line. if this was a back to back situation i wouldnt mind starting jamal to deal with ty lason and sub in felton a stronger guard to deal with dre, but maybe felton can use vet skills against lawson  while dre does to nolan

thoguths on bench
chemistry is not there right now while i feel you need a mix match starters and bench to rest some guys and have go to guys, WHY? you ask becuz you unload the bench you have jamal and batum to lead ever a bad thing but they play more fo a iso style game and the ball never moves. jamal dribbles and crosses over and takes a shto which in time will be awesome but i think he needs to gel and and find his rythme becuz we seen 1 for 7 stretches in quarters and the lead not stay strong, but you add a starter jamal passes more and with most of the starters slasshers go in and out game leaving jamal wide open shots

thoguths on starters
great working aweosme chemistry is fine but late in games felton seems to have a few turnovers and costly at that, he wil be fine hes a proven vet an all star and wil just tak time to get use to but as much as La needs to learn ray's passes i feel ray needs to learn wear the bigs want the ball, La has passes thrown to him he cant catch same with camby while awesome passes and sometimes creates bgi shots a few times needs to find La in the right spots to avoid turnovers

thougths on bigs
prolly need one more but at what cost listenign to rice and mb sayign to sing pryz while we should i dont wanna trade anyone nor waive anyone except maybe babbitt and armon, well not so much armon as i feel babbitt,

which brings me to babbitt
dude has weak defense, spot up shooter with no confidence, under sized at power forward and nto quick enough for small forward. whats good abotu his game post up which he doesnt do enough like batums post up (which doesnt seem liek a post up its more fake post and roll leaving there defender using his momentum goign forward to absorb the body only for them to pass up and shoot the shot) its quick and crafty babit range is jumper range and yes i know he can shoo tlights out in practice but if you dont have a defender its alot different you have to deal with time of shoting over shooting a block pump fake to open your shot, i think with a few jumpers to gain confidence and show hes a threat only will he find his true confidence to knock down threes, wesley gwall jamal the most confident ones to take a shot make or miss feels its goign down everytime

im done with random thoguths


  1. glad you took "advice" and wrote. i usually have thought in the past that we needed to keep a starter or two in the game, but this year seems so much different. our second unit is strong enough with Kurt and Craig that we can rely on Nicolas, Jamal and Nolan -- not to mention Chris -- to maintain our game situation. the main problem is that we have to rest these guys and keeping one starter in at all times is just not going to be possible.

    most everything relies on the guys getting more comfortable with playing alongside each other. we have nothing which needs to be fixed; just some chemistry that only comes with a few more games together. to tell you the truth, i'm excited about the way we've started, and our chances in the big picture.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 12/28/2011 11:02 PM
  2. yeah my thought is mix match for a lil while until jamal and ray find there rythmes is key, jamal needing to be big shooter i feel he does a 1-4 offense shoot first and pass second where i feel he needs to pas first shoot second find a open guy liek that one shot where he todl craig to screen batuim and he got the three and let the ball move jamal can dribble and cross over for the last 12 secs look first but you r right in chemistry and this team is golden havign a team one and team 2 is big

    by jamie (guy) on 12/28/2011 11:07 PM
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