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Dec 28

An Adventure Watching!

By eduardo96beaver
My son and I are Blazer fans and would like to watch the games, but living in Oregon for the few years with the Comcast deal, it is very rare that we get to watch, when KGW or TNT or ESPN broadcast the game, so last night we spent 40 minutes or so trying to figure out a way to watch.

First we tried our DISH network and to no avail, NBA TV blacked it out (WHY?), then we were just listening to to game on the radio (we love Wheels and Tone) but it's not like being able to watch and have Barrett & Rice.  I was listening to the game on my iPhone NBA Game Time App, when I noticed that they have a free trial to watch until January 8th!  So I was able to watch on my teeny iphone screen!  I told my son and he tried and it was blacked out on his phone.  

I got the bright idea that I could stream the video from my phone through my Apple TV and watch on the big screen!  We tried this and could get the audio to work, but no video.  We gave up and just listened on the radio.

Anyone else have an interesting viewing/listening story?

The Blazers won and ended up overcoming a slow start (thanks to Gerald Wallace!).  Look forward to sharing more on!

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  1. i'm from portland, but attend college at Stanford. while i'm home for breaks such as now, there's no problem getting games, but i'm resolved to streaming them when i'm in the dorm. i have a distinct distaste for the nba's administration at the moment, so i'm not intending to buy league pass. most often, my dormmate (who is from just outside of l.a., but is a blazers fan) and i listen to Wheels and Tone through streaming the audio and participating in the in-game chat on it's not as good as watching but, after hearing a few other teams' announcers, we realize how lucky we are to have guys like Wheels and Tone to paint a terrific picture of the action. this probably doesn't help you a whole lot, but that's my story!

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 12/28/2011 4:02 PM
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