Dec 26

Year of Winning Ugly

By iggymo
Now that the season of the weird is two games old, one thing has become clear. This will be the "Year of Winning Ugly" across the league. There will be amazing comebacks, shocking blowouts, miracle shots, and - more than anything else - desperation wins. There is an intensity to the game in the NBA this year unlike any I've seen lately. Sure, the short season is the biggest factor, but it's more than that. Older players aren't getting their "respect" from the new youngsters. Younger guys are calmly dropping bombs from beyond the circle with no apparent fear. Highlight watching on NBA TV is more dangerous than ever. Why? Because every team seems to have the greatest players in the league.

So how to win against teams that are desperate, weary, talented, angry, frustrated, and determined? There's only one answer: PLAY UGLY. Scrap and dive and reach and run and bump and run some more. Make every loose ball the most important you've ever seen. Make every shot by every opponent the one that must not be made. Take EVERYTHING personally. Put your body on the line. Put your LIFE on the line.

The ugliest team stands to make the biggest gains. Our guys played a little ugly last night against the Cheese Steaks, thanks almost entirely to Gerald. They need to play much uglier tonight to beat the inspired Kings. Just when you feel like you can't play any harder, remember one thing. The guy you're up against might just be feeling the very same exhaustion. This year, the schedule will be the great equalizer. With their stylish uniforms and classy gym, the Blazers should be able to glide above the rabble of the NBA, BUT NOT THIS YEAR. It's the Year of Winning Ugly. I wanna see floor burns all over every body. And, while you're being ugly, I wouldn't mind a little "Nasty" too.
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