Dec 26

At 'Sixty Percent' Gerald Wallace Thrills On Opening Night

By sarahhecht Posted in: geraldwallace
On any given night in the NBA shooting 8-of-13 from the floor, scoring 21 points and nabbing nine rebounds is a good night. Even more than good, it’s a solid performance.

But that’s just any given night, and Gerald Wallace isn’t just any player. He’s the guy who puts up a line comparable to the number one on a squad and gets ticked off about how he played.

Throughout the preseason Wallace felt like he was in a bit of a funk. He didn’t play the kind of ball he likes and he certainly didn’t put up the numbers to satisfy his competitive heart.

In two exhibitions games he shot 2-of-10 from the floor, scored 16 points and pulled down nine boards. To Wallace, those numbers were abysmal and absolutely unacceptable. There’s only one solution when your shot isn’t falling. Hit the gym and shoot more.

Following his lack-luster performances Wallace forced his head back into the game. He stayed after practice to put up shots and get more reps. He stayed to push himself.

“Right now you gotta work through after practice because you know you’re going to get fatigued, especially during games you’re gonna get fatigued real fast. So you wanna work after practice when you have weak legs, when you’re tired and try to help your shot and transfer it over to the game.”

The bit of extra time proved fruitful tonight when Wallace’s contributions helped the Trail Blazers defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 107-103. But it wasn’t only his six fourth quarter points that barreled the team forward, his 4 rebounds and quick decisions to push the ball on the break played an important role in energizing the team and the arena.

“It keeps my adrenaline running and it keeps me going out on the court,” Wallace said of the Rose Garden crowd. “I definitely feed off the fans and their energy that they put into this building every night.”

With the help of the Rip City faithful and a diligent work ethic of his own Wallace took steps toward a return to his comfort-zone, though he’s not where he wants to be quite yet.

“My main thing is I still feel a little slow, a few steps off, especially in my rotation and shooting the gap, my reads,” Wallace said. “My timing is off a little bit and I feel like I’m slow as far as speed.

“I’m probably 60 percent of where I wanna be. Mentally and physically.”

If Gerald Wallace feels like he’s playing at 60 percent while he puts up a line like tonight  then one thing is for sure. I can’t wait to see him push to 100.


  1. Hey Miss Sarah. great post, I am so far behind that it won't matter if I comment on this one first.

    I just read on OR-Live, that Nate was turning GW loose to be a predator and to play his game. All that started with the closing minutes of the last exhibition game when LMA told GW, to quit worrying about fitting in with the team to go out and play his game and the team would learn to fit in with him.

    I do agree if that was 60% and new to the rest of the team, I can't wait until he is 100% and the team is adjusted to his new role. It will only get better.
    So much better that he might be the Man. Just joking, this is truly LMA's team and he will get his legs back and also get better.

    Thanks again Miss Sarah,

    by Hg on 12/27/2011 7:30 AM
  2. Since LaMarcus is the heart of the Blazers on the court...GW is the pace-maker...setting the tone for how the game will be played. Great effort and great win for RipCity to start the season.

    by BlockParty aka Teamship on 12/27/2011 8:07 AM
  3. If he is only 60 % -Wallace- of where he wants to be, and he certainly can be better if he only paid attention to the game; and he was 60 % on field shoots, then he should reach (60/60)*100 % = 100 % on shoots, when he´ll be 100 %, which is not bad at all..
    very good player if he became serious

    by sopadeajo on 12/27/2011 4:30 PM
  4. I must apologize for my bad english. I´m never certain my european non-english continental European speech will be understood, not to say appreciated. The problem is ,similar words have different meanings depending on the Continent we live in. But my intentions are clean.

    by sopadeajo on 12/27/2011 4:37 PM
  5. And it´s good Wallace feels he can still do better, cause he probably will.

    by sopadeajo on 12/27/2011 4:41 PM
  6. I'm so tired of Gerald Wallace not getting his props! When Gerald plays a game he gives it his 100% not 60% ! You guys must remember, he suffered a lot of injuries and blows to his lungs playing his hardest for his teams in the past, he is a very talented and clean playing ball player! He loves what he does, He deserves all Honors!!!

    by LeAngela Eason on 12/27/2011 10:26 PM
  7. ALSO! Can we get Gerald Wallace Picture posted up there alongside the other 3 guys Trail Blazers! His picture should of been up there long time ago!!!

    by LeAngela Eason on 12/27/2011 10:31 PM
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