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Dec 25

my random prediction

By jamie (guy)

5.new jersey (depending on trade)(if new jersey doesnt get dwight will get 8th or fight orlando for out of the playoffs 6-8 move up a spot)
8.atlanta (orlando depending on trade of dwight)

coach: clippers coach del negro
mvp: durant
rookie:kyrie irving
def player: dwight howard
6th man: jamal crawford/batum (homer lol but if not jamal/ batum jason terry)

my predictions are random not looking at schdule just predicting first look its so hard becuz this random season of compact and tradedeadline will prolly be the most random wild night of the season

NBA Champs miami vs thunder


  1. it's not inherently bad, though i still don't see the clippers with a higher seed than the blazers. they got better, but not that good. so ... here goes:

    1. thunder
    2. mavericks
    3. blazers
    4. lakers
    5. clippers
    6. spurs
    7. grizzlies
    8. nuggets

    1. bulls
    2. heat
    3. knicks
    4. pacers
    5. hawks
    6. magic
    7. celtics
    8. bobcats

    1st round:
    thunder over nuggets
    mavericks over grizzlies
    blazers over spurs
    clippers over lakers
    bulls over bobcats
    heat over celtics
    knicks over magic
    hawks over pacers

    conference semis:
    thunder over clippers
    blazers over mavericks
    bulls over hawks
    knicks over heat

    conference finals:
    thunder over blazers
    bulls over knicks

    bulls over thunder

    mvp: Durant, thunder
    roy: Biyombo, bobcats
    dpoy: Ibaka, Thunder
    6th man: Crawford, blazers
    mip: Favors, jazz
    coy: McMillan, blazers

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 12/25/2011 7:50 PM
  2. well the rules are weird where the top 3 seeds are the division winners so i picked clippers win in that division but yeah if the records are higher it depends and lakers winnign more then clips idk lakers looked iffy i watched that game today kobe has to be 35+ ppg to get 4th seed but yeah idk... HOW do oyu have pacers higher then me lol wow i feel sad that i predicted pacers lower and im a fan lol whos biyombo i was thinking kemba walker but kyrie irving and the cavs i think nba might go to him so cavs can forget about lebron plus its his team so the losing record is the only thing handicapping him form winning roy so i was thinking kemab walker

    by jamie (guy) on 12/25/2011 7:43 PM
  3. the three top teams don't necessarily have to be division winners. the division winners can be no lower than the 4th seed, but a division runner-up can be the 3rd seed, like dallas was last year. the blazers don't match up well with the thunder, but i think they'll give them a run for their money. lakers higher than clippers because the league/officials alone will give them about a half-dozen undeserved wins. the pacers made too many off-season moves to ignore, but playoff inexperience will lead them to a first-round exit. the cavs are still going to be pitiful until they get some more help (good start with Irving and Thompson though). i just don't know how much playing time Walker is going to get behind Augustin and Maggette, but i'm pretty sure Biyambo (taken 19th, i believe with the pick we gave them as part of the GW trade), will start for the bobcats by the 15th game.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 12/25/2011 8:00 PM
  4. in your scenrio indy vs atlanta idk atl doesnt have jamal the closer and bench scoring to help indy woudl win that series if it wasnt for derrick rose clutch shooting indy would have won that series argueable the best team in the east and hmm if it isnt kemba irving jimmer is 3 but ill keep an eye on biyomba

    by jamie (guy) on 12/25/2011 8:22 PM
  5. what can i say? i just happen to think it's going to go that way. those ifs and buts will drive you nuts.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 12/25/2011 8:57 PM
  6. did you post your prediction in a blog i wanna hear what ppl think of your prediction yours sound better then mine top to buttom i only disagree on the rookie of the year

    by jamie (guy) on 12/25/2011 8:59 PM
  7. no; i haven't really thought about it, but i could post that tomorrow. it would basically be a bit more detailed than what i posted up above.

    by Kassandra on 12/25/2011 9:23 PM
  8. yea everyone is doing predictions tomrrow except maybe for mb but he mite show his in courtside on wednesday i think or post a blog and have a prediction show on courtisde

    by jamie (guy) on 12/25/2011 9:25 PM
  9. Here's my random predictions:

    1. thunder
    2. mavericks
    3. lakers
    4. clippers
    5. blazers
    6. spurs
    7. grizzlies
    8. nuggets

    1. heat
    2. bulls
    3. knicks
    4. pacers
    5. hawks
    6. celtics
    7. magic
    8. bobcats

    I won't make detailed comments on all the playoff predictions, but I hope Blazers get to 2nd round and even to West finals, but I'm pretty confident that Thunder wins West spot on NBA Finals, while Lakers will disapoint, Mavs will do good again, Spurs will disapoint a little, and Clippers will put on a show but won't make the West finals I guess.

    In the East, as much as I don't like Miami Heat, I guess they are hungry and like it or not they have a really good team, who would take someone to figure them out (again) like Mavs did to possibly win (because virtually they are unbeatable.). Well, I predict Bulls vs Heat on East Final (the only two really good at that side, Celtics is just "ok" right now, and Knicks is good but still developing), with Heat winning it.

    Well, I'd like OKC Thunder to win it all, but idk. Both them and Miami Heat have a good chance, and I'll be cheering to OKC Thunder if it comes to Heat vs Thunder in the NBA FInals, but it's a 50/50, really (if nothing major shakes the scenario until there)

    Final predictions:

    mvp: Durant, thunder
    roy: idk, but cheering to Ricky Rubio. Most probably it'll be Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams or so (I really don't care much)
    dpoy: I like Ibaka, Grant Hill, Afflalo, Battier and so on... But again this title belongs to mr. Dwigt Howard, from Orlando Magic
    6th man: I wish it would go to Batum/JCross, but really... JET and Odom are always on the run on this title, but given the scenario we saw at OKC Thunder with Sefolosha starting, I firmly predict this title going to James Harden, OKC Thunder.
    mip: Could be Favors, or Hansbrough, or Evan Turner... meh, this title is such a wild prediction anyways...
    coy: hope McMillan, blazers... but guessing it'll be to Scott Brooks, Thunder or some coach that improves its team record, like Rick Adelman, Wolves or so

    All in all, I hope Blazers do well. We are a very capable team, if we get a "spark" on playoffs, we could do some serious damage and go very very far.

    by Tiago Torigoe on 12/26/2011 3:55 AM
  10. thank you for posting,
    i liek your predictions pretty good safe bets to make with all yours, i feel magic wont make playoffs and if they do its 8th seed they dont seem to have the fire power i think everyone has thunder vs baring a injury but those two teams seem to be the most healthy, heats lack of depth is key but the super stars score all the points anyways they just need the bench to be out there to have 5 ppl on the floor, durant in game one was lights out nuts so its gona be a good season and yes i hope blazers go beyond expectations

    by jamie (guy) on 12/26/2011 10:23 AM
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