Dec 23

Let the Season Begin

By blazerdarren77 Posted in: Blazers, MarcusCamby

 Fasten your seat belts, Blazer fans. This is going to one fast season. There is 3or 4 times during the season the team will have 2 straight nights of rest in between games. No time for rest. This will define the character of this entire roster from 1 t o 15 (not to mention the coaching staff) How will Nate  utilize the roster? How much playing time will each player get? Will the shortened season help or hurt the team? Will the nonstop schedule take a toll on the veteran players' conditioning? So many questions. So much work. So little time. 

  As excited as I am about the new season upon us, I also have concerns. Based on what I've seen so far, I like the ability the team has to play solid defense, which in turn leads to many fast break opportunities. I like the unselfish play of the team, always looking for the player with the best chance to score. I like the never quit-on-a-play mentality, as well as the resilience of the guys from opening tip til the final whistle. But I'm concerned about the outside shooting. In their 2 preseason games, they shot 13 for 45 (.289) from 3 point range. If this trend continues, this could be the achilles heel for the team. My other concern is their inside presence. The Blazers have been out rebounded 93-73 (31-16 offensive) Let's hope our vets Marcus and Kurt, well as LaMarcus, can last the season without being seriously injured. 

  Bottom line, I believe this team can make some noise this season. While the media has given other teams chances to win it all, look for this team to surprise the critics and make some noise in the playoffs.  I believe these guys can follow the trend of the team that made it to the Conference Finals during the last lockout. If they do, maybe there should be more lockouts in the NBA.  :)

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