Dec 22

A Good Loss

By iggymo
My rule number one: We (almost) never learn by winning; we (almost) always learn by losing.

Sure glad we lost that game in Utah. I was afraid the whole season would go by and we wouldn't learn a thing. Actually, that was a perfect loss. It wasn't debilitating and it wasn't crushing and IT DIDN'T COUNT! But we did learn that any team at any time can jump up and smack you in the mouth if you're not 100% ready. We learned that even on a terrible shooting night we still have a reasonable chance to hang in there and get a win. We learned that this season is going to be won most often by the team that wants the win more.

So, with all that knowledge, and more than a little talent, I think we're ready for Monday night. Can't wait.
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  1. Nice opening paragraph. I can't help but be more excited than usual about this team as well, and I never thought I'd feel that way after "Black Friday." this team just feels more explosive off the bench, more physical and cotsins a suffocating defense across the board. The way they charged back in the 4th with all those steals reminded me a varsity team losing to the JV in practice; the JV is playing above their heads, and then in the final minutes the varsity wakes up and "flips the switch." can't wait to be there against Phily as well. And Phily is better than general opinion indicates...

    by Mike Hustad on 12/22/2011 11:40 PM
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