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Dec 21

There and back again...

By Wayne M Kehler Posted in: Blazers, Jazz, LaMarcusAldridge, NicolasBatum, WesleyMatthews
The Trailblazers finished tonight's final preseason game, looking stronger than they looked during the majority of the first 3 quarters. The game started in very much the same fashion as the first meeting between these two teams did this past Monday night in Portland, the Trailblazers sharing the rock a ton and not wasting any time setting up plays. The Disgruntled Jazz team didn't let the fast break operate for long though, gradually getting back on every missed shot. Forced into a half court offense, something not worked on much in camp this year, the Blazers struggled to find a groove. Of course it didn't help that the guys were missing open looks. A little rust.

The trailblazers shot 35% but attempted 79 shots. They just weren't dropping them tonight. Leading the scoring tonight was Felton with 17 points 4 assists and 3 steals. Matthews scored 15 points as did Lamarcus Aldridge in his return to the court. Lamarcus definitely had some rust to shake off and you could almost see it, trickling off of him. With every turn in the post and every made shot, Lamarcus looked more and more like the the future "Hall of Famer" we know and love in Rip City. Crash was himself, scrapping and fighting for everything. Gerald would have gotten another possession after forcing a jump ball, but the toss wasn't very correct. I'll just say that about it.  Crawford and Batum were both aces off the bench tonight as well, each with 12 points. After a strong fourth quarter rally, Crawford could have sent the game into overtime. With 2.2 seconds on the clock and down by three points, Crawford got a shot but just missed the buzzer beater. I honestly didn't even think he would get the shot off, but somehow he did. The Blazers head home to prepare for Mondays regular season opener against Philadelphia. 

Not much to say about a preseason loss other than they learned, they tried some things and they will be ready for the next one. Until then, the anticipation in Rip City will surely rise. So enjoy your holiday, enjoy the NBA on Christmas day and be ready. Ready to remind the other teams just why playing basketball against the Portland Trailblazers in the Rose Garden is just no fun.

See you on Dec. 26th at the RG!


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