Dec 17

"Family" Reunion

By blazerdarren77
Hello everyone! I'm back. Did you miss me? What a good way to kick off the new and exciting season by watching Fan Fest online. Nice to see some of you in the chat, others not so much. Even though we missed a few 'family' members that night, I'm sure we'll enjoy each others' company during the season. That said, I just want to give a few family members a shout out:

CASEY, SARAH, DUSTIN: I consider you the cousins I envy. You have jobs we all want. Sure it may not be a well paid job, but you have the best perk ever, going to and reporting every single home game (Casey, you're lucky to travel with the team on the road; so jealous)

TERESA AND OCCASSIA: I consider you my older sisters who keep me in line during the game chats. I admit, I may go overboard when the team is struggling, but you also are there for me when I get real excited when the team does well.

KASSANDRA: I consider you the daughter I wish I had (or son for that matter) My kids do not have the enthusiasm for the Blazers the way you do (you're father is so lucky) and for that, I'm real proud of you.

STEPHEN(Herr) CRISTI, JAMIE(guy): I consider you my niece and nephew who have strong, yet passionate opinions about the team, coach, etc. Sometimes your emotions may get the best of you, but you're not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. You may grow out of this phase, but stay true to who you are; die-hard Blazer fans.

That's all I have for now. I know I left out a lot of people, but with a 'family' this big, someone is going to be left out and for that, I'm sorry. But I know that as the season goes on, I be able to chat with a lot of you.

Stay in touch,
Darren (blazerfan77)
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  1. Awww! Welcome back Darren, I'm sure I'll see you in the chats. It's a pleasure, as always.

    by sarahhecht on 12/18/2011 7:10 PM
  2. welcome back, Darren. wondered where you went off to! thanks for the shoutout! looking forward to the season. i'm sure i'll see you in the chat!

    by Kassandra on 12/20/2011 11:09 AM
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