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Dec 16

E-will dunk champ

By L.T.G Posted in: Blazers, ElliotWilliams
Please,pleeeease tell me E-will will get an invite to the dunk contest. Let's rally and make sure we fill the leagues inbox with requests.
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  1. I'm amped to see the jams he'll put down this year. You saw the one at the end of Fan Fest, right? AWESOME!

    by sarahhecht on 12/18/2011 11:22 AM
  2. Oh you mean the 360 2-hand windmill?????????you know I did. He has Clyde,Wilkins,Jordan hops..yeah, I said it, hes in that league. (dunkwise)

    by L.T.G on 12/18/2011 1:14 PM
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