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Jul 10

I'm embarassed by this franchise's actions... SIGN BRANDON ROY ALREADY!!!!!!!!

By Richard Ackerman Posted in: BrandonRoy

Seriously, you have one of the top 10 players in the league in Brandon Roy. He says he wants to sign for 5 years, yet for some reason the Blazers don't want to give him a max deal. HELLO BLAZER PERSONNEL!!!!!!!! Brandon Roy has done everything that's been asked of him, plus more. He's been a leader on the court and off the court. He was named 2nd team all nba, he's a 2-time all star, and this city LOVES him. WHY, WHY are you screwing with him? This man has given everything to your franchise and what do you do? You disrespect him by not offering him a long term contract like he wants. Why would you not want to keep him around for as long as possible?

I am embarassed by the fact that this franchise spent 2 decades overpaying dog fighters, pot heads, wife beaters, etc., but when it comes time to sign a person of high quality both on and off the court, they stammer and try to low ball him. When Andrea Barnani gets a deal done before Brandon Roy, something's wrong.

I love this team. I've been a fan ever since I can remember, but this is an embarassment and makes me lose a lot of respect for this company. I understand that the Vulcans are trying to make Paul Allen break even on the Blazers, but look at the teams that win championships. More often than not they're not making money they're spending it. For 15 years Paul Allen wasn't scared to spend money, but now, when we should be spending the money (because we now have people who actually deserve the money, not Darius Miles) he decides it's better to try to break even.

Mr. Allen, please don't let your team of headhunters over at Vulcan Inc. destroy our franchise. I understand you want to save some money, who doesn't in this economic climate we are currently in. But Brandon Roy deserves a long-term max contract. It's an embarassment as a fan of the franchise and as someone who has spent his college education studying sports business just so one day I can hopefully get a job with this franchise. I hope this franchise does right by Brandon, because he deserves it, this city deserves it, and this franchise deserves it.

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  1. It's people like you that think Allen is the one balking on this that embarrass me. If it was that simple the deal would be done. Unfortunately, there is a second head to the monster named Vulcan that is retarded. The deal will get done, just chill. There are a lot of issues involved in this particular situation. Listen to Wheels, listen to Canzano, it is more complex than your simple mind could possibly comprehend.

    by RipCityRevival on 7/10/2009 9:21 PM
  2. We should trade all the players with knee problems for draft picks.

    by mbmurr1 on 1/26/2011 3:36 PM
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