Dec 15

With today being December 15th, it can only mean one thing – there is less than twelve days left until Christmas. They can keep the swans, pipers and drummers; I’ll take tickets to see my Trail Blazers in action. By choosing the Pick N' Roll Flex Pack, you control the games that you want to see, when you want. After deciding between the Lakers, Heat, or Mavericks, choose at least an additional ten tickets for any other Trail Blazers home game. Here are the matchups I would love to see if my true love gave me tickets to twelve games from now until Christmas morning.

Right off the bat, the toughest decision needs to be made: Los Angeles, Miami, or Dallas? You really can’t go wrong. It would be satisfying to get revenge on the Mavericks for knocking us out of the playoffs and it’s always an event when the Big Three roll into the Rose City, but no rivalry is more intense for BlazerManiacs than Trail Blazers vs. Lakers. Beat L.A.!

After picking the Lakers, it’s a no-brainer to select Opening Night against the Philadelphia 76ers on December 26th. It doesn’t matter who the Trail Blazers play in the home opener, I’ll always be there as the atmosphere and excitement is unmatched by most games. From the theatric team introductions to receiving the annual Wells Fargo Trail Blazers hat, the home opener is a must see attraction.

What could possibly be better than Opening Night? How about doing it all over again the next night against the upstart Kings? Sacramento has an influx of young talent in the form of DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans, but what draws me to this contest is the Jimmer. With all the hype surrounding Fredette, I’ve got to see him play in person, let alone his debut in Portland!

As soon as Andre Miller was traded to the Nuggets, the talk amongst the fans wasn’t whether it was a good deal or not but rather when the fan favorite would make his return to the Rose Garden. I’ll make it three games in four nights on December 29th to not only give Dre the standing ovation he deserves but see how new point guard Ray Felton fares during his head-to-head battle with Miller.

What better way to spend a winter’s weekend night in Portland then taking in a game against the Cavaliers. Mark your calendars down, January 8th will be the one and only time to see No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving and fellow Top 5 draftee Tristan Thompson at the Rose Garden this season. While Irving will battle former Duke teammate, Nolan Smith, LaMarcus Aldridge will be welcoming his fellow Longhorn alum, Thompson to the league.

So far I’ve chosen the first five home games of the season, now its time to space the games out so I’m not left at the alter during the stretch run in the spring. The Grizzlies, who went from up and coming to here and now after stunning the No. 1 seeded Spurs in the postseason arrive on the 24th of January. Their bruising low-post combination of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol along with wing Rudy Gay gives them arguably the best Big Three outside of South Beach.

On February 6th, Kevin Durant and the defending NorthWest Division champion Thunder make their first visit to the Rose Garden in what could be the game of the year. Make sure to have those antacids within reach when these two teams get together. Of the four games the two teams played against each other last year, the average margin of victory was a mere 4.75 points.

With potential All-Star implications on the line, Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers make their first trek up I-5 on February 16th. If the Aldridge and Griffin encounter was anything like it was last year, then this ticket is will be nearly impossible to secure come tipoff, unless you, like me, already scooped this game up in your Pick N' Roll Flex Pack.

Numerous storylines make the March 3rd Portland, Minnesota contest attractive. Manning the sidelines for the Timberwolves is former Trail Blazers coach Rick Adelman along with the legendary Terry Porter by his side. This also marks the long-awaited debut of Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio at the Rose Garden. All of this in just one game and I haven’t even got to the best part: Aldridge v. Love – Round 1. One was an All-Star last year. One was an All-NBA recipient last year. Is it March yet?

One heavyweight bout against the Thunder just isn’t enough; the matchups are too good across the board to not want to see again. There’s Gerald Wallace and Nicolas Batum doing their best to contain the defending scoring champ Kevin Durant, Felton running stride for stride with Russell Westbrook, and Aldridge working in the post against the shot-blocker, Serge Ibaka. And with the game being played late into March on the 27th, both squads could be jockeying for first place in the NorthWest Division.

Out of all the opposing backcourts in the NBA, there may not be a more entertaining one than Golden State’s Steph Curry and Monta Ellis. The two explosive guards, each capable of scoring 40 on any given night, paired with forward David Lee make them one of the most difficult covers in the entire league. Opposites collide as the inside game of Portland goes up against the perimeter-based Golden State offense in a game that may just well finish in the 120’s. If you, like me, love watching old-fashioned Wild West shootouts, then this game on April 11th is for you.

Like Opening Night, attending Fan Appreciation Night is a Trail Blazer tradition of mine so I had to save room in my Pick N' Roll Flex Pack for the April 18th clash against the Jazz. No Jerry Sloan? No Deron Williams? No problem. Regardless on who is on their roster as long as their jersey reads “Jazz” across the front, it’s a rivalry game and I’ll be there!

So there you have it, with myPick N' Roll Flex Pack, I was able to secure seats to the biggest games and most intriguing matchups all within the constraints of my personal schedule.

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  1. What the heck. I thought this blog was about Portland's flex offense.

    by Roland on 1/4/2012 12:50 AM
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