Dec 11

Moving Right Along

By iggymo
I shed some tears on Friday. Here I am, 67 years old and crying like a baby. I have watched almost every game that Brandon Roy played as a Blazer. I love that young man like a son. I cry not for Portland or the Blazers, though. I cry for the days that will never come for Brandon. But now that those tears are shed and the loss is accepted, it's time for Brandon, and for us, to move along. I see Brandon as a part of the Blazers long after I'm gone from this world. His grace and dignity will shine on Portland and the Great Northwest for many a good year. Thank you, my young friend, for giving your heart to us and all of us.

Now, in the immortal words of the Muppets, it's time for "Moving Right Along" with the Blazers. As I look at our young team, I am truly excited as I haven't been since the Brandon/LaMarcus rookie year. We have some great players, some great potential, and some great experience to guide our youngsters, both in our coaches and in our players. When I think of Elliot giving that thug from the Clippers some of his own medicine, I laugh out loud. When I imagine Raymond hooking up with the great LA on lob after lob, I giggle. When I see our amazing Nicola stuffing the shots of opposing all stars, I break out in something or other (a French expression).

So, you guys, dry your tears and sign up for the new Blazers. Don't imagine that Kurt is already injured. He may just start a trend in the other direction: healthy and inspired Blazerdom. Yes, the King is gone back to the castle with our love and appreciation to provide some comfort. Now it's "Long Live the New Kings" of Portland, whoever they may be. Give them a little time and a lot of love, and then just watch what happens. Even Dwight may be surprised.
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  1. Thanks for sharing iggymo! I look forward to the future as well.

    by sarahhecht on 12/11/2011 7:25 PM
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