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Dec 10

Rise with Us... How about Overcome?

By Rachael Jensen Posted in: BrandonRoy
The Team that I love so much has a very familiar slogan "Rise With Us". You see it on billboards, T-Shirts, and pretty much anywhere you look at the Rose Garden. However after the last few days, and even seasons, I am starting to feel like "Overcome" should be our new moniker.

We have Overcome injury after injury to make it to back to back playoffs. We overcame mid-season chemistry changing trades. We overcame locker room arguments. Rip City has learned to Overcome just about anything in the last 164+ games. We all joke about it to one another... "What's Next?"

Well now Rip City has to Overcome it's greatest obstacle. How to move on without The Natural. B-Roy has the heart of the fans and frankly I don't think we would have it any other way. I will never ever forget seeing him hit an impossible 3 to tie the game against Denver. The Rocky Entrance music being drowned out by the cheer of the crowd. And I may have been in the very tip top of the 300 section, but I will not forget the come from behind, impossible win against Dallas in the playoffs. Chills. Every time Chills.

I cannot imagine going to the Rose Garden and not seeing him on the sidelines. To not hear his name called during introductions. But I will have to Overcome that. He will be missed, heck he already is...

Just another obstacle for Rip City to overcome. I have faith. Do You?


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