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Dec 07

What I'm Excited for (the ultimate Christmas present)

By Joshy B Posted in: Blazers, BrandonRoy, ElliotWilliams, geraldwallace, GregOden, LaMarcusAldridge, MarcusCamby, NicolasBatum, WesleyMatthews
Wow... the season is almost here!! In 19 short days, the Rose Garden will be once again filled to the max as we cheer on our boys in the white red and black. Rewind a little over a week ago, im laying in bed, half-asleep contemplating how much homework I would have to do over the weekend as the end of the term comes to an end... my phone vibrates breaking the silence in my bedroom. I ignore it hoping to fall asleep after a long day. The buzzing continues for the next 5 minutes. Annoyed, I pick it up only to hear shrieks of excitement from my friend tyler on the other end. "Go turn on Sportscenter!!! the lockout is overrrr!" With a dash I threw on a shirt, and to my amazement the giddy claims from my friend had indeed proved to be true.  Instantly a flood of thoughts crowded my mind as the excitement of a promising year for Portland finally came back after the looming lockout had put all those thoughts aside. 
Ok so here is my Christmas list/10 things I am the most excited for as the NBA season draws near.

1. The return of B-Roy after his game 4 heroics.
-With a flurry of amnesty rumors.. I personally think that Roy stays. He's got a lot of questions to answer with his performance this year. Will his knee's hold up? Will he start? (Nate seems to think so) Will he have more game 4 "going off" moments? (which I had the pleasure to witness personally). Cant wait.. I still have faith that he can still at least contribute to this team

2. Lamarcus making the All-Star list this year.
-He got snubbed, we all know. For those of us in Portland, we know what he saw as he dominated all year long last year, its just a matter of time till the rest of the league respects him for it. 

3. Greg Oden??
-Yes I still have hope that Greg will stay in Portland and eventually recover enough to play a whole season... and not only play, but make an impact for this team!!

4. Deep Roster.. Deep run in the playoffs
-I know its a little early to think ahead, but after Mark Cuban admitted that Portland was the toughest matchup for the Mavs (compared to LA, OKC, and Miami), I cant help but think what a team loaded with talent could do this year. To name a few Aldridge, Batum, Gerald, Wes, Camby, A healthy Roy, Felton at the point, hopeful Elliot Williams, rookie Nolan Smith, and possibly a healthy Oden? (CJ 17, potential return of the thrilla, and JP) This team is DEEP  

5. Batuuuuummmm-shakalaka!!!
-While the lockout was taking its toll as players were waiting around for any news.. batum was overseas tearing it up!!! The young french guy has potential and has proven his worth as an all around offense threat as well as a defensive nightmare. This guy has a great future with portland

6. The New Point Guard
-While we said goodbye to andre, the felton trade left some of us uneasy with how well he would flow with our team. He's a great point guard regardless and I can;t wait to see the transition

7. Portland's Free Agency Moves
-First of all I hope Oden stays and give this franchise and community what it deserves for having faith in him and being supportive during his injury woes. Secondly I know we are in need of big guys, Larry Miller mentioned they are gonna pursue pryzbilla, and try to bring back pendergraph. I I would love it if this happens. Also, Lamarcus and Jamal Crawford have been tweeting at each other a lot and are pretty good friends now.. who knows  bring one of the league's best 6 men to Portland!!

8. CJ-17 babbyyy
-What can I say?? Im a sucker for d-league guys, bench players, and the unknowns who get their chance and hearing the crowd go nuts when they score or make plays. Chris Johnson was one of those guys who got a d-league call up after our tragic "big man" injuries. He then gets a 2 year deal after proving he is an athletic shot blocker who can actually help this team out. I hope he steps his game up this year cause im tryin to buy a Chris Johnson jersey!

9. LA... the end of an era
-unless they pull off the CP3 and Dwight trade which is pretty unlikely. I cant see things going well for the lakers and Mike Brown. No more triangle offense, which means they're gonna run everything through Kobe mirroring Mike Brown's offense when the Cavs had Lebron, possibly no Shannon Brown, Bynum is always a scare health wise, and I just cant see them getting past the first or second round  especially after getting SWEPT by the mavs last year. I hope we go 3-0 against em!

10. Dec. 26th
-Season opener against the 76er's.. I will be there. Tickets are already on my Christmas wish list. So Santa, if you're up there  please get me some tickets!!!! thanks i'll be extra nice this year. RIP CITY!!

ps- this is my first blog  i doubt people will read it because i dont think i have any friends/followers (new to this whole blog thing) but hey it feels good to get this all out!!


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