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Dec 04


By Jon Sherwood
Let GO and BROY go.  They are near done.  Get J. Craw AND Landry AND HAYES or NENE or Chandler for those 2...let's move on...please. Keep Chris Johnson and have Camby mentor him.  Pryz only if he is 15th man.  He can't score at all.


  1. Imagine: PG: Felton/Crawford/Nolan SG: Wes/Crawford/Eliot/Diebler
    SF: Gerald/Nick/Wes PF: Aldridge/Landry/Gerald C: Chandler/Camby/Chris
    That is bad -ass 13...add Priz and Baron for big bodies=15

    by Jon Sherwood on 12/4/2011 10:01 AM
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