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Jul 02

What is wrong with getting Turkoglu?

By ripcitychamps
    Hedo is an excellent player! I don't see why Blazer Nation is so down on getting him! The trailblazer staff has made all good choices since Pritchard became GM, why question this decision? Turk would provide matchup problems for other teams, he is an excellent shooter, and a veteran presence that the young blazers need. Turkoglu said quote 
    " They (The Blazers) are pretty interested, and i'm happy about it, because as a player, that's what you want, interest from teams, especcially good teams. They have been a good team the last couple of years. So an invitation from them makes me feel special."
    It's not like he is in it all for money, he realizes where he could fit with this young team and how he can make a good team like Portland great. But moolah is still important. If someone else makes a considerably better offer than Portland, we may lose him. He definitely does not want to play for a team that sucks   (i.e: TORONTO).
    The blazers have planned a tour of the city, the rose garden, and the practice facility. As soon as Turk walked into the airport, he was met by KP and Turkish Techno music blaring. We sure are making an effort for this guy...


  1. Translation, "They (the Blazers) have the wealthiest owner in the NBA so I feel like I'm going to get a great contract. Look at Darius Miles!" Just kidding, I think Hedo is a decent guy. I think he made some comments earlier in the offseason that have made him seem a little greedy, but he has never been a lockerroom issue or offcourt issue. I'm not 100% sold on this, but my faith is KP's decisions puts me at about 85% sold.

    by RipCityRevival on 7/3/2009 7:49 AM
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