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Nov 29

Who do you think will make the roster of 13 this year?
My picks in no particular order
1. Lamarcus Aldridge
2. Gerald Wallace
3. Wesley Matthews
4. Nicolas Batum
5. Nolan Smith
6. Brandon Roy
7. Elliot Williams
8. Grog Oden
9. Raymond Felton
10. Chris Johnson
11. Marcus Camby
12. Luke Babbitt
13. Earl Barron
I think there is room at the bottom for two C/PF to take those spots and even B. Roy's spot if he is waived.
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  1. Armon Johnson is also under contract. probably be the 3rd pg, i'd think, barring trade. also, there's a chance that our 2nd-round draft pick, sg Jon Diebler could make the roster, though i think we might stash him in europe for a year or two.

    by Kassandra on 11/29/2011 3:51 PM
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