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Nov 24

How I feel !!!!

By mbmurr1
I think the owners should get all the money from any team revenue..... They OWN the team...... That is their investment return. The players do receive salaries as well as signing bonuses don't they? If the owners want to give their employees an extra bonus, good on them for sharing the wealth. Another thing I feel that if you take the top 10 college teams and play the top 10 overseas teams minus the NBA players, the college teams will win at least 65% of the games and that is why I believe college competition is superior to overseas competition. I realize that at this moment NBA pro players are playing overseas and for them to stay in game shape that is good for them but what if they get injured? I don't feel that their NBA teams should have to pay their NBA contract for an injury the team is not responsible for. any thoughts? if so good or bad at least leave your name on it, don't leave an anonymous critique. It is weak to not leave a way for me to respond to your comments.
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