Nov 22

This Week In Trail Blazers History: November 21st-November 27th

By sarahhecht
Nov. 21, 1982- Fifty points. That was the monstrous margin of victory the Trail Blazers laid on the Cavaliers nineteen years ago. The Memorial Coliseum crowd saw Portland annihilate Cleveland 129-79. Unreal. Portland hasn’t dominated a team as completely since, though the squad has come close twice. First in 1995 when the Lakers scrambled home after a 46-point beating and then in 1997 when the Mavericks fell to the red and black by 45 points. The fifty-pointer remains Rip City’s greatest margin of victory to date.

Nov. 22, 1983- This weeks history tidbits are loaded with scoring. In an incredible offensive performance Portland set an all-time scoring record with a 156-116 win over Denver at Memorial Coliseum. Check out the sweet highlights from the monster game.

Nov. 24, 1992-
Clyde “The Glyde” Drexler went for 24 in a game against the Spurs. In doing so he became the 62nd player in NBA history to pass the 15,000 point mark. At his retirement six years later he’d racked up a total of 22,195 points which lands him in 25th on the all-time points list as of today. Not too shabby.

Nov. 25, 1990-
A twelve minute stretch in Trail Blazers lore known simply as the “perfect quarter.” In unprecedented style Portland scored a record 49 first-quarter points on 88 percent shooting. Clyde Drexler led all scorers with 15 points followed closely by Kevin Duckworth with 12. Four of the seven guys to play in the quarter shot 100 percent with the other three missing only a single shot each. After the incredible first there was no coming back for the San Antonio Spurs who fell to Portland 117-103. It was Rip City’s 11th straight win to open the season that would become the winningest in Trail Blazers history. Check out the August 8th Edition of Trial Blazers Courtside dedicated to the “perfect quarter” for the complete 12 minutes in all its perfection.


  1. Still amazes me to this day how dominant Clyde was despite dribbling with his head down and only going to his right!

    by DHawes22 on 11/22/2011 2:02 PM
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