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Nov 19

Overseas..... Yeah that's real.

By mbmurr1
Playing overseas is not even as much competition as college. If it were more overseas players would be drafted in the NBA draft. The owners know the players will break in the long run for realistic money because they have been living in a bubble and once the real world leaks into that bubble the players will want that bubble back even if it is A LOT smaller.........                                    OVERSEAS WHO ARE THEY KIDDING, WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. dude, you're missing a lot of pieces to the puzzle; namely that thus far in the negotiations, they players have made EVERY major concession, from the money to the system issues. people like you want to lay the entire blame on the players for finally drawing their line in the sand. a great deal of people feel they should have done so much earlier. is this whole thing about money? only partially. the system issues seemed the the major breaking point of the collapse. those who chastise the players for being greedy also don't take into account that it was the owners who locked out the players -- not the other way around. true, the competition level overseas isn't as high as in the nba (though, you're quite incorrect when you claim it's lower than college). however, given the alternative of not being allowed by the owners to play in the nba, can anyone actually blame a guy for going to his native country to play the game he loves? can anyone blame any player for keeping busy and in shape playing for another league. players love playing, and they're not going to work on their games by sitting at home around the house. only a fool would disagree with that. given the alternative, i think it's admirable that these guys want to play their game -- anywhere it takes them. calling it "a joke" is shortsighted, uninformed, uneducated and not credible. here's the lone question to determine your credibility: have you watched an overseas game? have you even paid attention to an overseas team/league? i seriously doubt you have (for the record, i stream nearly every Melbourne Tigers game and have seen a couple european games since the lockout started). the competition is solid, and the guys are pretty darn good. i suggest you get your facts straight before you go spouting off again about that of which you obviously have no knowledge.

    by Kassandra on 11/23/2011 8:21 PM
  2. At least you defend how you feel. But I think Patty Mills has no spot in the NBA. He is a nice guy but so are a lot of under-talented guys. He is an under-sized 2 guard that guns the three and does not make enough of them to be on an NBA roster not to mention his lack of credible defense. I guess just being good friends with the owner has it's perks. Last off season we needed another pf/c not another bench warmer pg.

    by mbmurr1 on 11/24/2011 8:49 PM
  3. see, you missed it again. Patty is not a 2 guard (or shooting guard); he is a 1 guard (or point guard). he's six-foot; which is not really all that undersized for a pg (i.e. Aaron Brooke is just 5'10"). he showed last year that can, in fact, play in the nba. he was a capable, change-of-pace player whose defense improved dramatically over the course of the season. i also find it interesting that you didn't actually answer a single question i had. then again, as i alluded to, that's probably because your comment was devoid of any fact; rather, just one uninformed opinion.

    by Kassandra on 11/25/2011 11:16 AM
  4. Mills does not play the pg position as it should be played, he plays it as though there is no pg, but 2 shooting guards on the floor. ie. he is not a pass first guard, he thinks shoot first which is why at 6 foot and being a terrible first option he will not make it in the NBA. But to answer some of your questions: 1. the owners were forced to lock out the greedy players who had them over a barrel with a 57/43 split, in order to get what they need to show a profit. 2. I have tried to watch a few overseas games and they are not as exciting as college games, with one or two "semi-star talents" in a game on a good night. I do agree they as a team have better ball handling skills then most college teams do, but A top twenty-five college team has at least 2 draft picks on their team not just"semi-stars". 3. As for a line in the sand, the players as a group will break and end up with a lot less then anyone thinks at the moment. Most of the players are up to their neck in debt from living above their means expecting that next paycheck which is already spent. The owners know this and they have the money to sit and wait the whole thing out, until they get what they want. The owners smell blood in the water and are not going to settle for less then the kings share of everything. By the way Mills does not have the talent to hold Aaron Brook's jock, Aaron would shoot over him or take him to the rack at will. If only we had Aaron on our team for a change of pace guard instead of Mills last year things would have been different.

    by mbmurr1 on 11/25/2011 9:43 PM
  5. thanks for your answers, i guess, but a tentative agreement to end the lockout was reached about three hours ago and reflects not one single thing of what you said. again, you are uninformed. you obviously are only writing this rhetoric to gain fan points on this site. truthfully, that's just plain pathetic seeing how fan points don't mean anything on this site. oh what a pathetic life you must have. even your comments on Patty are completely off the mark. if you look at any of the comments his blazer and Tigers teammates made during the season, they we're praising him for getting the rest of the team involved. you don't like Patty. fine, we get that. however, your reasoning is a joke. then again, i would not expect someone with your obvious low basketball iq to understand his value on a professional basketball team. again, you are just supplying uninformed rhetoric in order to gain fan points. i find it sad that you have such a life.

    by Kassandra on 11/26/2011 3:44 AM
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