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Nov 17

A season lost.

By mbmurr1
The news is that the season is cancelled, but why? If the two sides come to an agreement with any time left in the regular season, would they not play? Even twenty-five regular season games with a best of six-teen double elimination tourney  to decide a lockout season, would appease the fans a little. Come on guys, both sides need to compromise 50/50 with a new salary system to be put in within four years so current and new contracts will expire on the same day in four years, beginning with a realistic pay scale for max pay players, minus a signing bonus, so if you say each team gets four top slots, three second tier, four third tier, and three fourth tier. the pay would be:
1st tier = 9 million a year
2nd tier = 6 million a year
3rd tier = 3 million a year
fourth tier = 1 million a year

This will make a hard cap of 69 million a year and bonus levels should be limited as well to under 3 million for draftees and 10 million to free agents and undrafted walk-on players.

This scenario would be possible if top players are not to greedy, although I see their talents this is still a team game. {Not Lebron, Kobe, D-Wade, Howard or anybody can win five on one.}
Possible, yes..... Probable, No
Maybe in a perfect world with every team having 16 players and the regular season lasting 8-1/2 months, then 2 months of playoffs, then the draft in 2 weeks, then 2 weeks vacation, finally a 2 week preseason camp, then back to the season............ AAAHHHHH  A PERFECT WORLD !!


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