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Nov 01

Nate McMillan Lends A Can To Hunger

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By Sarah Hecht

Coaching the community to fight hunger is a top priority for Portland Trail Blazers Head Coach Nate McMillan. Feeding the hungry is an ongoing process, one that has taken center stage in the state of Oregon as record numbers of families are relying on the Oregon Food Bank for subsistence.

In effort to decrease the numbers of hungry the Portland Trail Blazers partnered with Wells Fargo and the Oregon Food Bank in a campaign to “Can Hunger.” On Thursday, McMillan made a stop at the Lloyd Center Wells Fargo branch to launch the drive that runs from Nov. 1-18.

“What we’re trying to do is help the Oregon Food Bank start their kickoff with ‘Can Hunger’ by donating food,” McMillan said. “It goes to the food bank and of course they distribute the food all across the state.”

Last week McMillan spent some time at an Oregon Food Bank location learning about the sweeping need across the state. While there he observed employees and volunteers in action. “Those people do incredible work,” he said. “And as we know with this economy there are a lot of families that are in need of food. Families with kids and even some of the people that are working are in need.”

Eager to do his part to fill bellies McMillan unloaded his car which was packed to the brim with bags of food and stuffed the first collection bin at a local Wells Fargo. “The goal is to fill every single bin up full of food and to help our local citizens,” said Don Pearson, the Regional Vice President of Wells Fargo. And with one bin filled to the brim the massive project is off to healthy start and on the way to meeting the goal of the “Can Hunger” campaign.

As the local community mobilizes to care for those in need—and you make the decision of which cause to support—keep the Oregon Food Bank and their broad impact in mind.

“For the first time we’ve distributed more than one million food boxes across the state of Oregon. Not a great milestone in terms of that means we still have a lot of hungry people out there,” Annie Herbert the Director of Communications for the Oregon Food Bank said. “But it’s community efforts like this, people coming together and donating food to help their neighbors in need that makes all the difference, particularly this time of year.”

You can support the “Can Hunger” campaign by donating food at any local Wells Fargo Bank branch.


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