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Oct 12


By mbmurr1
I have been accused of  1. not knowing what the lockout is about. 2. feeling NBA players are uneducated.  To address #1 The lockout is about 1 thing and that is money, while there are several underlying elements that add to the demands from both sides, Money is the bottom line. #2 The top 40% of NBA players are drafted out of high school(when it was legal), from overseas, or after 1 or at max 1 1/2 years of college where the subjects that are required are not within a major but general studies such as music appreciation, health, physical education, art appreciation, and many other 100 level or lower courses. I'm not saying players are stupid but I am saying that most of them take advantage of a sub-par system that does not work properly. If you accept a scholarship for 4 years you should have to be committed to 4 years not one or two and done. There are a lot of players who graduate from college before being drafted but very few of them are at the top of the first round and even fewer are stars, they are mostly roll players and expendable on most rosters. I love sports in general but salaries are out of control for superstars not to mention the average player. It is not ok that an athlete who sits the bench on his team makes more by far then most doctors. What do you think?  
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  1. Sorry, but nothing that you said makes me think you know any more than the people who called you out do (and btw, one of those people is my sister). I really just don't know why you write a sentence of a blog every day about nothing. It's weird.

    by milwaukiejessi on 10/14/2011 3:12 PM
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