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Sep 11

blazermaniacs doing fantasy football

By oregongal47 view (TG)
what do blazermaniacs do during the off season to bide the time til their fave team plays?  well they play fantasy football.  Kassandra Mcintosh most of you know her on this site as she blogs regularly ( blogs off the charts uber good) started a fantasy football league for us blazermanics called west coast football.  In this league is me(first time doing fantasy football),kassandra,blockparty,albert, kassandras sister jessica, her sister in law carla and jeff n oregon and kasey enlisted sportlandia for our league!  we have one thing in common we love our blazers and we love football....I can tell you this there is a lot of bragging and competiveness in this league. the biggest one to brag or rather taunt is kaseys sister jessie..i hate to say it she is killing it so far.  Jessie did her homework she nailed it with the Quarterbacks!  She got the best QB out there Aaron Rodgers!  Kasey did well she is wrong in Wide Receivers.  Others are strong in Running backs me and a few others.  Draft day was fun and it was fun to see who others wanted. I did ok considering I was behind the Mcintosh sisters.  As game day would approach we would change our rosters many times and try to see if we could out maneuver others. lol  that is what you get with fantasy football...let the games begin for us should be fun!  

I have to thank kassandra for being a great owner of this league!  she helped me out with how to do this and in some tight spots I suddenly found myself in.  Unknown to me when I drafted a certain QB that he would have a serious injury and would require surgary this week. I could not put him on IR because his team has done not done so. I had hit my limits on QBs and did not want to drop a QB to get a back up. So thanks to Kasey she gave me a slot to get a QB that I wanted I was lucky to get him since most of the great QBs were taken this time.  She also helped me solve my TE situation as well...so ty kasey!

what happens when you get all these blazermaniacs together? you get a bunch of bragging rights, good fun and a lot of great competition.  If not for our love of the blazers we would have all never met and formed this comaraderie of sports...so that is what is some of us are doing this off season why we wait for our fave team to come back into play...this league should be interesting and it has been fun to do this...

I am not sure how well I will do since I suffered some blows early on and I took a chance on some young guys who are dark horses?  sound familiar...yep that is our blazers..I am getting a sampling of how tough this is to assemble a team...

happy football season everyone! and may we have our Blazers playing soon too!
love you all


  1. you're welcome, TG. it can take a lot of getting used to. one of the difficult things is that early in the season, it's hard to know who's going to perform and who's not. all the nfl teams make their roster adjustments in the off-season and you never know how that's going to affect the players. rookies are unpredictable by nature so that's always tricky to decide who to play. i'm really glad so many blazers fans are playing in the league. i could not have imagined that we have about nine of us, plus a couple of people whom i've never met. most of the games have been played in week one in our league (WCF) and all the games are close enough they could go either way. i love the trash talking banter, especially between Mike (BlockParty) and Jessica. she's only 17, but she's got some smack in her! i'm glad we've got the group we've got.

    ~ KMM

    by Kassandra on 9/11/2011 5:33 PM
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