Aug 19

Around The World: Sabas Recap Edition

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The culmination of Arvydas Sabonis being enshrined into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame was his return to Rip City. And a magical one it was. In the final Sabas edition of Around The World, relish Sabas' homecoming with wall-to-wall coverage, including video from his Rally in the Square, photos from every appearance in the Rose City and many great writers do their best to make the words come to life with exceptional write-ups from the day's events. And always remember, he's not YOUR-Vdyas. He's not MY-Vydas. He's Arvydas!

August 19

Trail Blazers: Photo Gallery: Arvydas Sabonis Return To Rip City

Trailblazers.tv: Video: Arvydas Sabonis' Favorite Game As A Trail Blazer

Trailblazers.tv: Video: Arvydas Sabonis Live Fan Chat

Trailblazers.tv: Video: Arvydas Sabonis Rally In The Square

Trailblazers.tv: Video: Arvydas Sabonis VIP Reception

Trailblazers.tv: Video: Arvydas Sabonis With Mike Barrett

Trail Blazers: The Magic Of Sabonis
"As you rode the MAX or walked the streets toward the red brick plaza you couldn’t help but notice the increasing numbers of Trail Blazers fans. But again... there was something different about them. After a few minutes of scratching your head with wonder you figure it out. You’re in a late-90s fashion time warp. You’re surrounded by old-school number 11 jerseys, tie-dyed Lithuanian tees and CCCP jerseys. Then it really hits you."

Trail Blazers: Sabonis' Favorite Trail Blazer Moment: Dominating Jordan's Bulls
"Sabonis racked up 21 points and ripped down 20 rebounds in 39 minutes. A feat he hadn’t accomplished until that point—Saboins was now a card-carrying member of the 20/20 club. But that wasn’t the end for the 7-3 Lithuanian big man. He contributed four assists in the Trail Blazers’ thrilling 106-101 upset of the Michael Jordan led Bulls, including a jaw-dropping between the legs pass that evokes an audible reaction from fans every time its seen, especially in slow motion."

Trail Blazers: Live Chat Recap With Arvydas Sabonis: There Will Be Break Dancing
"I don't have a favorite, you know. This guy is very easy, we understand, you know. Normally I always like when I have ball with somebody moving, you know. When you move you have chance to beat defender and take pass. I am hate when after good pass, missing you know. This is …"

Trail Blazers: Kia Summer Tour Goes International
"This particular stop on the make it better Summer Tour was perfect for the Lithuanian big-man because the campers had an international flavor as well. With five languages represented including Somali, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish and English, Sabonis’ was right at home in sharing his rumbling voice and thick accent. After a morning of hoops and photos, the 7-3 superstar had won the hearts of the youngsters just as he did the hearts of Rip City during his time in a Trail Blazers uniform."

DIME: A True Trail Blazer: A Celebration Of Arvydas Sabonis In Portland
"Thousands were on hand Thursday afternoon to celebrate one of Oregon’s most beloved professional sports heroes. Sabonis played for the Portland Trail Blazers from 1995-2000 and again from 2001-2002 as a member of one of the winningest eras in the Pinwheels’ history. Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland was jam-packed full of fans, young and old, who came to pay their respects to Sabonis. The 7-3 center was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame last week, and at the rally the big Lithuanian made his first appearance in Oregon in over eight years."

Portland Roundball Society: Happy Arvydas Sabonis Day
"After posing with numerous smaller humans, Sabonis joined a panel on stage that included team radio announcer Brain Wheeler, former team owner Harry Glickman, former coach PJ Carlesimo, and former team executives Bucky Buckwalter and Jim Paxson. The panel took turns praising Sabonis and telling anecdotes. Sabonis expressed his gratitude and flashed what I will call his trademark giant Lithuanian man humor."

Oregon Live: Trail Blazers great Arvydas Sabonis tells fans at Portland rally: 'Thank you for remembering me'
"I say thank you for remembering me," Sabonis told the crowd. "I'm surprised."

Portland Tribune: Sabas takes plenty of bows during Portland visit
“I am surprised,” Sabonis told me with a smile Thursday night after a 90-minute meeting with Trail Blazer employees and season ticket-holders at the Rose Room in the Rose Garden. “It has been seven, eight years since I was here. I love this city, these people. I feel comfortable here.”

Rip City Project: Happy Arvydas Sabonis Day!
"Furthermore, the collective memory of Blazer fans is so good that when Portland play-by-play man Mike Barrett asked Sabas about games he remembers in the Q&A portion of Thursday’s events, and Arvydas responded almost immediately with “Game seven of the 2000 Western Conference Finals,” all in attendance groaned in unison. We haven’t forgotten what he hasn’t forgotten."


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