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Aug 04

onal value prod

By form123 Posted in: ArmonJohnson, Rockets
Babies Clothes So, many new consumers have already among consumption community in the world got into now, internet shopping in the world or go abroad to consume is already common however of affair.And business enterprise to domestic and international consume the corpus then have to have enough understanding, while developing a high additional value product, satisfying high consumption community, also want to develop the clothing of suiting the public's consumption, specially want to scoop out the potential of village market, do 1,300,000,000 people's clothing.Meanwhile, also need to specially pay attention to 80 empresses, 90 after consume the consumption habit of community, they will be the main current that consumes from now on.They emphasize quick vogue and like to walk characteristic route and have much of interest to the product with special external appearance and consume ability strong.
General store because"joint management" gave up by oneself a working talent of buying the merchandise, but canvass business is its main business."The general store is talked with data just now, is responsible for selecting brand, which brand sell and then recruit so much which.Is strict to come to speak, all of merchandise and business members are suppliers of, is a supplier is selling goods an article, retail is responsible for collecting rent.This is also the problem worried by us inside the industry."Gold and jade China says.
But brand culture the cultural characteristic included covered management the idea appearance crystallizes, such as view, value and esthetic sense...etc. conduct the whole cultural phenomena in the activity in the deposition and the brand in the brand, and they represent of the total of the concept of values, such as tradition and personality image...etc. of the benefits cognition, emotion attribute and cultural.鍊熷姪鏂囧寲锛屽搧鐗屽叿鏈変簡鐙埌鐨勯瓍鍔涳紝浠庝腑鎴戜滑浣撻獙鍒颁簡楗鏂囧寲銆佽尪鏂囧寲銆佹湇楗版枃鍖栥€佹苯杞︽枃鍖栥€佸眳瀹ゆ枃鍖栥€佺儫鏂囧寲銆佸ū涔愭枃鍖栤€︹€﹀搧鐗屽凡鎴愪负鎴戜滑鐢熸椿涓棤鎵€涓嶅湪鐨勪竴绉嶆枃鍖栫幇璞★紝浠庤€屼娇鍏跺叿鏈夊姝や紬澶氳€屽張鎰忎箟涓板瘜銆佸箍娉涚殑鏂囧寲鍐呮兜銆?

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