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Meet The BlazerDancers: Taren

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Level-headed, determined and charming, all words that epitomize BlazerDancer Taren. A fierce friend and a dedicated mother, she prides herself on being a positive role model while enjoying the adventure of life.

Taren started taking gymnastics classes when she was merely six years old. Gymnastics turned out to be the gateway for Taren’s dancing career where she discovered she was a natural entertainer. Scappoose Middle School dance team saw her emerge from her gymnast roots and blossom into a full-blown dancer. Drawn to the stage and pushing herself to perform, Taren continued to strut her stuff in high school and for two more years as a member of the Oregon State University Dance Team.

The fall of 2008 brought Taren to her first BlazerDancer audition where she won a place on the team her very first try. For two thrilling seasons Taren’s bright red curls were seen lighting up center court as she performed for the Rose Garden faithful.

Following her second season Taren made the decision to focus on her education and finish her degree at Western Oregon University. Commuting to and from Monmouth, Oregon during the long NBA season took its toll and she needed to focus.

Taren’s year off brought many positive changes to her life. She earned her degree in dance and welcomed a beautiful baby girl to her family. Just six weeks after her bundle of joy arrived Taren added to the year of splendor by returning to the Trail Blazers practice facility to audition once again for a coveted spot on the BlazerDancers roster.

With the unique experience of being a veteran but going through the full audition process again, Taren was thrilled to be embraced and supported by her former teammates. Women she considers some of her closest friends.

“All of the vets were super supportive of me being there,” Taren said. “There’s a feeling, once a BlazerDancer, always a BlazerDancer. These friendships last forever.”

The encouragement Taren felt from her comrades in rhinestones as well as her family gave her the push she needed to rock her final audition. Taren was back.

More than just dancing, Taren cherishes the life lessons learned as a BlazerDancer. They continue to shape her and she’s determined they’ll have a positive influence on her daughter.

“These women are professional women. There’s a lot of effort. I think that they’re great role models and very well rounded people.”

Seizing the opportunity to continue to add joy to her life, Taren’s dedication to her passion for dance and her return to the BlazerDancers will be an inspirational example for her little angel in the years to come and a welcome smile on center court at the Rose Garden.

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  1. Sounds very talented.

    by mbmurr1 on 8/4/2011 7:50 AM
  2. T is BACK! Such a beautiful soul :-)

    by Cristi on 8/4/2011 9:39 AM
  3. welcome back, Taren! great to have you back!

    by Kassandra on 8/6/2011 8:50 AM
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