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Jul 30

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By oldkiss456
Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags before also wrote some stick a film knowledge article concerning the car, if you have interest to click nether chain to connect to look into more informations.(Text|Di dollar in the house of car)

4, don't stop in the low-lying and damp position, if don't and not want to use a car, and then have no suitable parking position, suggest that this several smallpox money stop the large parking lot of neighborhood.Stop in the low-lying and damp place even if the vehicle wasn't drowned, but rain water to the corrosion of vehicle still can not small Qu.

On this week, match fatty have been being placed in much weather of rain, the air temperature is also much cooler, in the air stick to sticky of moisture, in this much season with damp rain, while rain water is washing away dust for everyone's love car, also brought car owner many annoyance.The raining season gives us the line bring many inconvenient, defend tide is also each car owner's first-class important event.As long as we the peacetime be more long-last towards loving car care a little, so the life span of the car willing more.

Majority of Xuan pack type engine oils of sedan motor uses filter a pure machine currently, this kind of filtering a pure machine is 1 time that can not dismantle to wash to filter a pure machine, have to replace an engine oil to filter a pure machine at the same time while being to replace lubricant and otherwise influence the quality of lubricant.Replace the period that engine oil and engine oil filter a pure machine, general 5000 kilometers.
Irregularity 2:The creation accumulates carbon.The long-term Dai soon circulates motor combustion incompletely, will produce to morely accumulate carbon, if the temperature is low then will produce more, so say that the long-term original subterranean heat car doesn't have effective protection motor, it on the contrary lets motor of healthy sell at a discount.
Moreover, we the house also carried on to understand from the tire factory, very hard because of lacking spirit to protect to use a tire foetus wall hanging of vehicle a request for this is also very high, if isn't the vehicle that carried on to exclusively once adjust to hang an use this kind of tire will be larger to lower the comfort and operation of vehicle.But a lot of original factories adopt to lack spirit to protect the factory house of using the tire is like BMW, importing good-looking etc.ses all carried on to the hanging of related car type alone adjustment to lack spirit to protect to use tire strong and tough foetus wall by orientation.

Need to record to skid number of times, each time and mileage that subdivide work condition, finally adding of data and is a painful process, particularly that time.

We can see very clearly, all equally is the car window that opens copilot's position from these two sets of test datas, and push to pull a main driver a car door, the temperature variety of front row space wants to have to be bigwork
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    by mbmurr1 on 8/1/2011 9:42 AM
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