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Jul 26

The season vegetables that flavor and bad goods

By viola123
g now now. 8, home braised food bad goods The season vegetables that flavor and bad goods are all citizen in Shanghai and like and eat, many citizen still like eat bad goods of the remaining braised food and put refrigerator and"stay overnight", can this kind of way of doing's having a very big food safety Be concealed to suffer from.PreventĀ°from food poisoning, spring the stanza eat bad Babies Clothes of braised food not to have to be overnight in summer. The bulky cargo braised food wants to finish eating on that day, can not be overnight.The safe angle speaks from the food, this is dirty, probably of the words had better not eat overnight bad goods.The food expert reminds that even if put in the food in the refrigerator, also not absolute"insurance".The refrigerator inside easily multiplies fungi and also has already loved cold germ etc.. Ended for taking photo of 8.8 a dayses, I really don't know should used what kind of language to describe the life in this day, various emotions mix up with.Excitement, happy, happy, freedom, relax Decide to go to attic because of the husband's a classmate returned to long spring to attend their weddings last year New Year's Day, was lived for fan by their wedding pictures, because what their wedding pictures claps out that kind of feel and Girls Dress explained us heart of some to the freedoms, untamed nature and natural dream, so right away decide that the non- attic doesn't clap.Arranged this trip to Qinhuangdao to use a few


  1. Very strange

    by mbmurr1 on 7/31/2011 10:26 AM
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